anybody bought any threadlessy recently?

I am interested to buy a few tees, but really don't want to be disappointed by the tees material quality. So, anybody bought anything recently? How was it?

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soloyo profile pic Alumni

same as always

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Last thing I got was xiv's Program around December 2. It was fine to me.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

One of my latest is Ring Pull: DTG. Not overly long but still loose and definitely not "small" like older Threadless smalls were.

They did say they're going to roll out new shirts from a new company (Bella?) they've paired up with. Sounded like it'd be this month or next so I'm looking forward to more consistent quality.

But I'm guessing they still have to go through old stock. Like from Nestor's latest spoiler blog, the shirt for Heart Seeker looks ginormous and long. Seeing that was a total "wait maybe I won't buy it" moment for me.

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