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Fix Yourself A Fixie

Fix Yourself A Fixie

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We love this one! And we bought it for a 12 days of Christmas gift for an avid 15 year old biker in the family!


Wow, nice! There is also the Mountain Bike version? If don´t, please do it!


It looks like the cyclist is wearing a hat, not a helmet. I'd buy it if he was a safer cyclist.


I like it very much! Nice design!


RoDaSho - I agree that wearing a hat instead of helmet doesn't make you any safe, especially when you hardly push your way speeding through traffic jams. But tell it to bike messengers and other fixie riders:)


Giuliska - I know you would not believe me (I wouldn't at all!), but when I saw your link it was like 'WTF? It is SO similar!'. And I'm sure it wasn't even unconcious copy, cause I neither saw nor score your design. It seems my idea wasn't that creative, Maybe we both saw it somewhere else before... funny situation though.


Blinski, I can believe you, I'm not angry with you, really. I know it's strange but it can happen that two persons think the same thing. What makes me upset is that I did it before but I have not been printed, and I don't understand why...


I'd like to talk to you privately cause I think we make jazz here with our divagation, but how we would make it? If you want, of course.


then I would tell you what in my opinion are the major differences that made my design win.

2 designs submitted - Score now!

what a best?!


giuliska, yours is way better. The man in this one looks constipated, and the roady handlebars would look bollocks on that bike. Although, may might come in handy if he decided to self-evacuate his faeces.


that was piece of a real good toilet humor, SaraBella!;)


Out of all my other Threadless large tees, this one fits the best.

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