• by chzdrac
  • posted Dec 02, 2011

Watch this

The idea came to me in a dream. I woke up and thought wow, that reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon, so here it is. rnrnI tried to incorporate the way a child draws, the way Harold draws, and the way I draw. rnrnThe way a child draws where it is more simple and crude leaves you to imagine what the wings would look like. rnrnThe way I draw hopefully manifests imagination in the way I draw wings.rnrnOn the front of the tshirt, the design is a simple representation of your heart shining like a star when you let your imagination draw. ^_^rnrni just noticed that he's right-handed on the back and left-handed on the front....


I like it, and i like the idea that you combined different styles. I would say that it is a little difficult to tell what the purple images are on the left shirt. I like the black and white and purple theme, but you could also experiment with other colors that would work well with your idea :)

And thank you for your feedback on my design!


i like where you've started. i think if you make the wing on the left more like the wing on the right, they'll both be instantly recognizable. and maybe making both of the wings smaller or moving Harold to a better spot will help. he seems like he might get lost once someone throws this on.


so i fixed the wings on the back so they are more recognizable. But I feel like this is too simple as a white tshirt. Harold usually draws in the night, so maybe a black tshirt?


do you like the black version or the white version(see v2) better?

I'm not sure I like the graininess of it, but it's crayon and pencil.


I think a light colored shirt would be better. Also, if u could, try n change the kid to a cartoon-ish stroke (with thick outlines) so that there's a difference between the kid n his drawing.

Anyway, my design is up for scoring. Check it out :) Final Boss


I love the crayon guy (henry? i think?)

Have you tried him drawing something different all together? For me the angel wings and the little boy drawing doesn't seem to go together. Your drawing of the boy is awesome...i feel like what he is drawing should be the same style.

Anyways defintiely creative!


I agree with pyro8784. Anyway, the idea is very cute!


I like v2 more :)

I would really appreciate if you have time to check out and score my Project Earth !


I love the idea and the drawings are nice but they do need to be cleaned up a bit. have you tried creating them in vector so the lines will look nice and clean but still cartoony.

If you have time please check mine out: friends


i guess the point and pun of the draw-wings is to draw wings and that's why I'm having Harold draw wings.

Also, I have thought of using vector, but i guess the point of it was to use crayon to draw because Harold uses a purple crayon =/ hmmmmm..not sure what to do.


ok, so i kept the graininess because of the crayon, but i filled it in with photoshop

It's now on a heather gray shirt


made the shirt like the "Harold and the Purple Crayon" 1955 Book Cover

pretend this is the back of the shirt


haha this is awesome. the way the part under the babies is slightly off center is putting me off a bit. maybe align it a bit more with the bottom center of the wings.


dude this takes me back to my childhood :D my Dad would read us this a lot :) great design though, even if you don't win I'd still submit it good job :)

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