First Shirt Up for Scoring!

With this, I did something I hadn't done in a long time.

I opened myself wide up to critique -- not that I'd shut it down in my adult years. I just hadn't gone out of my way for it, nor had I been drawing much in the first place (see: previous blog). But I know how powerful a critical eye is. It always brings something great to my work. This time I entertained every nitpick and major revisions, especially to see where they may lead me. And I had fun.

I'm always so happy when someone takes the time out to really lay down what needs to be fixed. Those new paths, those newly-acquired skills, those "Oh! Why didn't I do it like that!" moments. I like that stuff! Makes me think, I need to seek out such environments again...finally. I can see my work take several more steps forward. One, more per year.

Anyway, I had fun with that. Trying new things is getting the blood flowing. I enjoy it greatly. Formatting artwork for tees. Different forms of writing. Communicating with new and interesting folk. I'm looking forward to more!

Anyway, if you like that design there, don't hesitate to 5$, but also give it a few words! Cheer 'im up!

I thank you all!

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Nice job, good luck!


Thank you :D

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