Fleet Foxes animated video by Sean Pecknold and Stacey Rozich

This video has been doing the rounds today but oh my it's so good. I think it's actually the best thing I've seen in about three years - perhaps ever. That encompasses all art, illustration, animation, film, girls, boobs, sunsets, EVERYTHING. It's what eyes are made for.


I saw a Stacey Rozich exhibition in SF this summer - her work is stunning.

Watch this

Agreed. Thanks! =)


The color and the technique used really make this, in my opinion. Not a fan of the story nor the music, tho. Still a great video. Thanks for sharing!

Mat Pringle
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I love this kind of folk-lore fantastical story.

Dangerbeach is rather pleasant too - thanks for sharing!

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Now I know for sure I'm not a fan of Fleet Foxes, lol.

But I really liked the animation, had a very Fantasia style to it both in narrative and look. Thanks for sharing Mat!

And hey, drop a feller a line when you get a chance ;)

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Super cool video to my favorite song on the album. When it started I had no idea how they were going to pull off the odd ending; They did an amazing job.

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Shrine was the song that I've enjoyed most thoroughly from the album. It's so strange and contemplative and dark; the video really fits it, which sounds like what Sean was going for. I will never be able to listen to this song without seeing these visuals now. And I'm glad of it. Thanks for sharing, mate.

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