Evil Roots

  • by EricDiaz
  • posted Nov 24, 2011

Watch this

poor little guy just found out...


Ahahah nice, my only thing (Being a type guy is the question mark part of 'the root of all what?" seems out of place with the san serif font (a form of Arial??) other then that id play with the width of the leg portions but I love the idea!!

If you've got the time please check out Happiness is a Warm Gun


well both fonts are sans serif but I'm going to work on the text some more and maybe give the dollar sign some texture.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

I think the 's' is a little thin, it would have more presence if it were bolder. The mouth going off the face is a bit strange and I think the lines under the eyes should go, but perhaps you could have some surprised raised eyebrows instead? The 'the' needs capitalizing and the typography could be a little more playful too.

I like the green on green and the idea is good. Keep going.


i like the mouth. i agree you can add eyebrows. thank you for your comment. i submited my design Smoky Whale. i ll be happy if you can check and vote it.

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