The force is strong...!

  • by Explodeo
  • posted Nov 20, 2011

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Basically how does Vader do a number 2?rnAnd does he sit while he goes pee pee? Let me know what you guys think?


This is great! Very well drawn and humorous concept. One critique and one suggestion.

The boot looks a little funny, maybe thin at the ankle?

Try color. Not actual color, just a little more than just a line drawing. You could maybe even just choose a grey that is slightly darker than the shirt and use it for all of Vader. I wouldnt go for any large contrast but just a bit to make it stand out.

I don't promote our transaction culture--I believe we should give without expectation of receiving---but since I lack integrity, here is a link to my design


Thanks guys, i have a design with some tones on it, but its not completed yet. I will upload when i have finished it. I just want to see if people liked the concept.

Thanks again.

zenbolic vision

man this is beyondddd amazing i did vader my self and less obvious this is nooooooooo way to be accepted sory for disappointing u man only way it to pixelate his face if ur lichy it will get accpeted \ vote me please vote here please


Zenbolic vision, yeah i had a feeling that it might not be allowed! But just going to try my luck anyway, see what they say. Might do as you suggested and pixel the face or put a black bar over his eyes or something...not sure yet will have a play with it. Toned version to come soon, if i get time. Thanks guys....keeps the feedback coming!


ha ha great Idea :) Id like to see colored version :)

I would really appreciate if you have time to participate on Project Earth! :)


I've been a little slack at moment but will post the new version some time next week when I'm off work.

Thanks again guys and girls.


ahh maybe you do a yoda toilet paper


Try some shading of some sort? Otherwise it looks awesome. Great line work.

If you have a chance, could you take a look at mine? Thanks! The Love You Take...


New version.........with tones........will add the toilet roll next time round, just wanted to see what you guys think. Thanks!



LOL while u reviewed my vader I was busy being amazed by yours. I would buy it just like that. submit!


This is epic! Toilet humor is always funny - but this just takes it to a whole other level! (or galaxy, technically lol) I honestly wouldn't change a thing - submit it as-is! :) I would deffo buy it! :)



I know a store where it was going to sell a lot!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Hasn't this subbed yet!? I was ready to buy this weeks ago. Looking good, love the shading. However it looks a little dark now, perhaps a lighter colour T or the addition of some coloured buttons just to break up the monochrome? Hope this helps.

Wow, I almost forgot to spam your thread then, I've got a design up for scoring that could use your help bro Thank you


Hi! Sorry for the spam, but you remember the help you gave me? Can you vote? =D



I'm cracking up. This looks great! It's funny, weirdly subtly executed (if such a thing can be subtle), and the illustration is really, really well handled. I'm really at a loss for crit!


This looks awesome from the last version I saw! :D I say submit! I'll be glad to give it a high score! :)

Anyway, my design is up for scoring. Help! :) Family Vengeance


Thanks everyone!

Wharton good idea! adding colour to the front panel buttons, will give it a try on the next version. thanks.

cheers everyone!


Empire toilet paper added and a little colour.... let me know what you guys think....thanks!


OMG this is awesome, I would so give this a 5$ if you submitted it.

Leo Canham
Leo Canham profile pic Alumni

Awesome skills man! the line work and the shading are brilliant. couldn't possibly think of anything to change. This is definitely ready for subbing. great work

Wharton profile pic Alumni

This is looking super sharp, love the toilet paper detail, everything is looking pretty slick. Nice work man!


The force is so strong here it blew my mind, sub it already so I can give it a hi-five.


Cheers guys will try and have it submitted asap! Thanks again!


excellent. love the legs


This is an awesome design! I'd submit as is


Wow! pretty nice and creative, It's great!


The shading work is gorgeous. I love this.


I don't know quite WHY, but hell yeah!



Our design is now in the score process. Can you please help us and score our design? Thanks!!! And we will do the same for you :D


Thanks guys! Will be working on the final version this week.... nothing much to add, just want to make the presentation a little better.

Keep the feedback coming!

Cheers again!


The force is strong...!

Not done much, but here is what I think is about finished, any feedback would be great !

Thanks all.

inkdummy profile pic Alumni

Haha, this is brilliant.

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