Walk Like An Egyptian

  • by zzzonkout
  • posted Nov 08, 2011

Watch this

Just seeing if you'd wear this or not...if it's a good idea for a submission. Leave comments and the link to yours and I'll critique in return. Thanks!


I'm a guy, so I personally would not wear a shirt with a big red heart and a girl in a pink dress, but maybe that's just me! The illustration is nice, but I feel like there's too much cleavage. Not that there's anything wrong with cleavage, but at that level I think we'd see nipple by now. So I say button her up a bit more. :)

Would you mind giving me feedback on mine too?


what does her pose means?


heehee good idea. It's "walk like an egyptian"


Maybe if you had some more old-timey people in a line doing the same? Heart = turn off for guys.

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