Oh, Flattery

So a co-worker wore my shirt to work today. I pretty much gave her a giant hug, I hope I didn't hurt her. Then she showed it to everyone like I was the coolest thing ever. It definitely made my day to see someone so excited about wearing my design.

Of course this isn't nearly as cool as Connie, who actually had the shirt before working with me. Mega sexy points there. I said I owed her a hug for boosting my ego by like a gazillion, but I'm shy. Plus I didn't have any good excuses to go over to the bakery, not like I'd have been any bolder the second time around.

Watch this

Yay for ego boosting co-workers. Every workplace should have them as standard.


i love your shirt! it was one of the first i bought.

Ironspy profile pic Alumni

Yay! Vote on the new one then!


Wow, now Im going to blush when I see you! Too bad I won't be at work until the weekend and Im working a wierd middle shift so even if you're working we probably can't talk at lunch again. =/
Maybe I can come bother you while Im on my ten or something.

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Hah! You're checking threadless. I feel odd communicating through here. I'm probably a pretty elusive creature at work, I'm usually hiding in the dairy cooler, a tepid 40 degree work environment.

Work isn't really condusive to socializing anyway, although I do get to take lunches whenever I want to because I work independently from everyone.

HOWEVER, you have my website, which has every bit of contact information you could ever want. You can uh.. send me snail mail, or contact me through a tin can attached to a long string.

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