Guitar Face

  • by azdream
  • posted Nov 01, 2011

Watch this

Several images of a Yamaha acoustic put together to create Guitar Face. Looks like a robot. What do you think?


hmm not bad artwork wise, but i would lose the black box around it unless u plan on going with a darker colour tee so no one will notice :P As fr the concept i was kinda lost. This would make sense if it was Guitar-Bot or something. But when i think of guitar face i think of an actual guitar that somehow has a face showing on it without any major additions :P does that make sense?

It might be just me but thts what i think.. As for the way it is now it kinda looks like u have a bunch of images overlapping each other and it kinda looks weird. not sure if thats what u were going for. Also lose the Yamaha type

please comment on mine


Yer as said above.... loose the black box and maybe continue the neck down to some kind of body. Also the joining of the segments either needs to be smoother.

Crit this - Political Pirate


this is a good start.. i agree with the previous comments, loose the black background and try to make it a whole guitar robot..

My design is up for scoring, if you have time, please comment and score: Evolutions of Birds


Thank you all for your input. I'll began to work on it straight away.

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