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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love this design, so glad this colorful bout of wonderful got selected, nice.

queenmob profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

Love this one a lot, congrats!!!

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone! This design is a re-imagining of Vanity Fair cover from the early 1900's. The original image featured a woman in a red and white polka-a-dot dress strangely twirling and manipulating a piece of rope. I've always loved the original designs balance of simplicity and complexity but also wondered what it would look like if it was outer-space themed. I think it looks Great work Threadless!

alexmdc profile pic Staff

Wearing a Large, the medium on the hoodie fits too tight for me, but then again I have kinda big shoulders

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

beautiful pose, alex

EZFL profile pic Alumni
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Glad to see this printed. Great work.

speakerine profile pic Alumni
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amazing design. j'achete

2 designs submitted - Score now!

wow!!! nice design, congrats :D


Some of the planet sizes aren't right in comparison to others... I.E. Jupiter's size and color, Venus compared to Earth... Also there's no sun (which could of been her hair :P)

Although I have to say it is a unique design and different than most threadless stuff I've seen lately. It is cook and caught my attention, but I can't help but feel hippie feminist hindu LSD vibes from it...

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Congrats on the print!

Also.. Nine Pizzas! Good ole Pluto's in there!


i love the poses.

Binxent profile pic Alumni



redbroom87, I am debating about getting the T-shirt or the hoodie. I see that you gave the hoodie a great review. Still loving it? :-) I might get the hoodie this design!

i dilemma

SpaceAboveSky, What's wrong with any of those things? Great inspirational source, great concept, great design!

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

absolutely love it


This is so lovely!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

I just got the hoodie as well. It IS awesome.


I bought this shirt for myself for xmas. I love it! It is so soft and the design is fantastic!


I bought this shirt for myself for xmas. I love it! It is so soft and the design is fantastic!


I'm so bummed! I ordered the hoody, but when it arrived it was too small. By the time they received my return, they were out of any size that would actually fit me. :( I'm so sad!! The design was amazing! It combines two of my favorite things in the world: sewing and astronomy! I really hope there is a reprint on the hoodies. Please!!


I love this shirt ! Sciencey with an Erte flavor...Could not pass it up


i dont even know how people come up with shit this cool

Kate S.

Please reprint! MUST HAVE A HOODIE!


Pls reprint Mademoiselle Galaxy!!!


Yay! It's back! But why isn't it available in the scoop neck anymore?


I need this in my life... Oh gosh


Please reprint scoop neck, and/or pullover hoodie - love this design!


Please print on boatneck tee!!! :)


i wish this was available in a boatneck option!!! love the design!


I love this design so much, and I bought the hoody, but - I can't lie - I'm a little bummed that Pluto isn't on there.


pluto is not a planet :I

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

Great stuff!


Pluto used to be considered a planet when we were


i would like the scoop neck! please!


I love, LOVE this design, but wavered so much on it. I really prefer the v neck or scoop neck for women.

It is such a beautiful design though that I would buy at full price in a shirt style that I like. I have added and remove bo less then six times from me cart.

Please consider the other shirt styles for this design.


gyyaahh comment doesnt show? D: anyway~~~~~

i bought the sweater version of it and its AWESOME AND LOVELY LIKE OH SNAP!


I love this design so much I have two t-shirts and 2 hoodies, unfortunately, a Tide Pod has bleached bombed one of my hoodies and you only have smalls in stock. I would love this print in a tank, or a t-shirt dress would be really cool. Please branch out the available products when you reprint!!! Thank you!!

Lady Fortune

how about making this available as a print for the house? it's excellent.

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

FYI, prints are available on Society 6! Thanks for all the love folks.


I love this design - but the order of Uranus and Neptune appear switched to me. Someone tell me my 4th grade astronomy is wrong so I can order this!


I love this design - but the order of Uranus and Neptune appear switched to me. Someone tell me my 4th grade astronomy is wrong so I can order this!


love love love this shirt! I actually managed to lose it a while back, and am requesting to get it again for my birthday because it's that awesome.


Love this! Gonna save up for it!


Please PLEASE reprint this amazing image in every style and every size!!! :D This is one of the best I've EVER seen on Threadless (and I've seen pretty much all of 'em!).


Please reprint! I would absolutely buy a hoodie with this on it! I'm really kicking myself for not buying it when I first saw it.. won't make that mistake again...

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