Cargo Flight for UNICEF

  • by Totoink
  • posted Oct 25, 2011

Cargo Flight for UNICEF

Watch this

Where's Bill Gates when we need him? :)


@fatheed - loool


It's a good cause and everything, but who's going to pay $300,000 for a cotton t-shirt?

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Printed this design out and taped it to my white Fruit of the Loom tee.... Strangers instantly came up to me to praise my generous donation to UNICEF!


Surprisingly all-or-nothing. I guess threadless has very high opinion of their users' demographics and the status of the economy.

Personally, I think the tshirts should go towards a particular cause. Even if they charge $100 a shirt (which is a lot) then selling 3,000 shirts would enable UNICEF to charter one flight. But every average Joe could contribute. Us 99%ers.

There are many grassroot charities that learned this lesson. Check out the Ripple Effects but WSU. They allow people to do a lot of good with $20 or $100. And I am sure their overhead and operational costs is a lot lower too.

In any case, it's the balance between being optimistic and practical that maybe missing here. And if I have $100k to blow on a shirt, I wouldn't be shopping Threadless in the first place?


come on, why the banks and golden sachs dont support unicef?... they have my money....


I do think it's interesting with the whole super expensive shirt. I mean, you're not buying the shirt, it's basically a generous donation to charity with a t shirt as a gift, but by switching it so it's like you're buying the shirt, you make the shirt very meaningful. I can see a celebrity buying one of these and wearing it with a blazer or something to a nice event, because it's an exclusive and philanthropic item.


If you made only 3000 of these shirts at $100 + what $2.74 a shirt and marked them as 1st edition or 1st cargo flight (2nd cargo flight, etc), I'd buy one.

Then again there's no purchasing buttons so I can't put my black titanium corporate card, sucks to be you Unicef.


this has got to be the biggest joke in america right now, but nice conceptual dumb idea. this is so hillarious.


i believe youll be successful getting the publicity you need, but keep dreaming on man. Im suprised this isnt on yahoo, more like comedy central. by the way are you a comedian?


I think It's not about trying to actually sell the shirt, but to raise the awareness. quite an excellent concept I must say. worked on me.


lol these remind me of killstreak rewards


shut up trolls... tha main idea is to compare how much it cost to help others... and if don't have the money for this shirt it's okay you can buy the mosquito one as I will...


Wheres the 'add to cart' button?


You all are missing the point.


i really like this. finger crossed for a sale! lmao


I wish I had enough money to buy this XD


I wish I had enough money to buy this XD


The idea is nice, but these drawings are very, very lame and basic. It cannot justify 300,000 dollars, especially for the amount of time that probably went into it...which was 5 minutes.


I've got this sneaking suspicion that this shirt will be on sale in the future.

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just bought a few of these for my friends

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Congrats to NeatDude for spectacularly missing the point.


Gonna wait til this one's $10.


I think its nice that it is symbolic and all but, wouldn't it be better if they sold them at a cheaper price so they actually got money?


uhm im sorry there is no justification for a three hundred thousand dollar shirt and even if i did i wouldnt spend it on a single tshirt im sorry but u need a more reasonable price


hmmm id think id be happier with the three hundred thousand dollars

spaced out

you dummy's really need to read the description


300,000 for a charter?!?! You can BUY a cargo plane for half that...


We are the 99%. We can't afford this =(


I'm afraid this is a terrible idea. Threadless may have a strong fanbase, but more than likely not a rich one. I rarely can afford more then one shirt if they're not on sale. Why wait for that, rare, one generous person when you have a whole community who can give a little? Patrick Rothfuss, the author of The Name of the Wind (shameless plug for an awesome author and man) has a charity drive every winter with Heifer International and raised nearly $500,000 dollars last year, if I remember correctly. There are some expensive items auctioned off, but other than those it is just a raffle ticket for ever $10 donated. This is a cool concept, and all artsy-fartsy, but realistically I don't see it working. I would love it if it did work, but honestly it just looks like a popularity dive (calling Guinness?) I expect many of the cheaper shirts will sell(if I weren't strap for cash I'd probably get a mosquito one), but the materials/effort put into the more expensive ones seems too wasteful. A lot more help could be contributed if this was choreographed better. Selfish-American or not, seeing a $300,000 dollar price tag kind of puts me off for the whole project.


I think i'll buy a real plane....


I'll wait for the reprint.


For all the people saying to read the description, you need to add it to the basket to see it is actually $300k... but obviously its if you donate $300k you get a free shirt with a nice little plane. (well thats the way i see it)


MAN I MUST GET THIS SHIRT! Let me just make a quick run to the black market to sell my kidney...


OMG he's wearing a 300,000 dollar tee!:O


It must not get armpit holes


It must not get armpit holes


lemme get 3 in medium please


does this come with the girl/guy for 300k?

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