Under ArREXt

  • by LooseCo
  • posted Oct 24, 2011

Watch this

Bad T-rex! Bad!


I like the idea and the execution. How about moving it closer to the bottom of the shirt and maybe making it a little bigger. The other thing would be to somehow make it more immediately clear that the human figure is a police officer t sell the concept. I'm not sure how, but maybe work a little on the hat?

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Iris Sky

I like the colors. I would suggest making the T-Rex taller and the chain a bit bigger and more obvious. The way you trimmed the edges reminds me of fire- you could try repeating that within the design in different colors to suggest fire in the background?

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Ars Fera

I think this is a funny idea, but I would suggest a big revamp (unfortunately! Sorry!). This tee's full potential is not in the form of a silhouette. I would illustrate the officer and the t-rex to really make the tee pop.

If you choose to keep it a silhouette, then I would refine the t-rex's teeth a little, they're too few and they seem a little rounded. Give him some real teeth!

I like the placement, but maybe it could be a little smaller, but that's all I have to say about the placement :)

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Resurrecting this design after almost a year! I took the last critique and completely revamped this and went away from the silhouetted look. So now it will be a full drawing. It will be inked and colored after this pass. I'd like anything I could change with it or any ideas for colors/composition.


Fun concept! I think the perspective is a bit off for the artist. Just a quick adjustment to be more vertical. Can't wait to see the color.


I agree the POLICE OFFICER does seem to be leaning forward. Also he looks like a motorcycle cop, have you considered adding his bike to help with the scale of the TRex? Just a suggestion. I really love this concept!

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Okay, here's the current version, fully colored, along with how the shirt placement would be. Please provide any feedback that will help make this shirt better!


Another update. I added in a reason for the cop to be arresting the dinosaur in the first place, as well as little tufts of grass to go along with the sign warning. What do you think?

sciencegeeks profile pic Alumni

Nice tweak, definitely adds to the humor.


Just a quick update to polish some little things, like fixing the signs and smaller little details. Ready for submission?


I like it,it appeals to my sense of humour .good luck.


It´s funny, i like it :)

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