fight the good fight

  • by EricDiaz
  • posted Oct 22, 2011

Watch this

This is for the men for women now challenge.


thanks Boots!

text is optional :)

Ars Fera

I think the text could be removed and could stay, it looks good either way, and the message is clear without the text. I like Bossy Boots' idea with putting it on the sleeve, that sounds really awesome.

This is really clever, I like it a lot :) I say sub as well (with the option of the text being on the sleeve!)

And if you have time, I would appreciate if you could vote on my design TigARRGH!! This swashbuckling tiger could sure use a vote and a comment!


This is great.. Like it !


new logo added on the glove...


I think adding the logo on the glove really kicked this design up a notch. Very cool, like it on the grey--try a version on a brown t-shirt also--I think the color combo will really work well.

Would you check out my little death dealing pony? Thanks.


Thanks! and I've already scored your design, I score them all :)


I was thinking about adding a shadow behind the gloves so it looks more realistic, any agreers/naysayers?


^^Last day to vote on this^^ link above^^

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