Liberty: Lunch Bag

  • by Bouvardia
  • posted Oct 21, 2011

Liberty: Lunch Bag

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I love the idea of lunch bags, for both adults and children. It would be nice to see an enlarged picture of the image on each of the lunch bags though, so one can see the image design more closely.


Sold out? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? :(


awwwwwwwwwwww man this is so cool looking, hope this gets reprinted soon ;)


I love the idea of lunch bags. Bring more designs or at least reprint this one.

Bad Dolly

more lunch bags!


Please please bring these back!! I love them so much! I would actually think about bringing my own lunch to work if I had one. See? You'll be making me healthier and the world greener! Win-win!


Is there any way to get one of these? Threadless seems to have stopped all production of lunch bags, and I only learned about this after it had been sold out.

justtrin profile pic Alumni

Im trying to request it but it only let me do it as tshirts .. i want this!


This is beautiful! I'm not crazy about the rainbow cloud scarf design or the yeah attitude despite loving rainbow straps and the orange and blue but the liberty/freedom is really beautiful-more artistic designs less fluff please. I'd REALLY love Threadless to partner with the bag makers who have those (effective, USA made) stay hot/stay cold 3hour bags that come in normal and gigantic size-I can put 3half gallons of egg nog, cheeses, yogurt, and more in the big but have both sizes to prevent squishing anything.


I want it!! Why doesn't the request reprint option work for this lunch bag? Someone should fix that ;) heehee


I'm having the same trouble with requesting a reprint for the lunchbox. These look Awesome and would love to have one to use for work :) Please make more lunchboxes!!!


would loveto have one of these lunchbags. please make them again!


I would have bought this if I'd known about it before it was sold out. I might have even bought more than one. Can we have a reprint?


Aww, sold out? I wonder if this bag has the same cool surprise as the T-shirt did. It was a surprise to me anyway, I don't remember reading anything about it in the shirt description.


This has been sold out for a year and a half. If you're not going to reprint it or at least make it so we can request a reprint can you please take it down. You're getting my hopes up everytime I see it thinking it might this time be available.


Please reprint this. The design is beautiful and I already have the shirt, but would love to have the lunchbox as well.

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