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Live Without You

  • by joanity
  • posted Oct 07, 2011

Watch this

This was a design for a Math Shirt Contest in our school. A lot of people reacted nicely to it. Most of them smiled and told me it was cheesy. :))rnrnWhat about you? How do you feel about this shirt?


I'm math illiterate so I don't get the joke, but the design itself is nice. I'm not sure how well the threadless community will react to it, especially if they don't get the joke (I just got it after reading it like 10 times lol). But the design itself is well done, it may get pushed into the running based upon just that. Give it a go!


thanks for the comments!

Any more willing to give suggestions?


thanks for the comments!

Any more willing to give suggestions?


im awful at maths so had to google it to get the joke but its designed v well. That would be its only downfall if people dont get the play on words, but otherwise its lovely, i prefer the white tee with black and pink. Thanks for your comments on my designs :)


Great play on words!


thanks :)


haha its funny coz i don get it but lookin good on white..emm sudenly i feel stupid -_-"

Anyways, i just post a new design: Mystical Wilderness if u want to give a critique and my design Nature's Only Hope is up for scoring! if u got time check it out! if u already scored it thank you so much..i'll return the favour ('',)v

joellewall profile pic Alumni

I like the placement of everything and the typography. The only thing I think could use a bit of work is the pink type. Maybe try using a different type face. I do like the contrast between type faces though!

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