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Liberty: Water Bottle

Liberty: Water Bottle

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reprint please?


Yes pretty please !?!?!?!?


If there were a flask of this, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


I'd love an art print version of this.


sooo awesome!! i love it!! cannot wait till payday

Hopie Dopie

got this today, so exicted!! :)


I got this one and love the design and flip cap. I don't like the ones with the artist statement on them. Maybe that should be put on a tag that comes with it instead.


I have this particular bottle and LOVE it! It doesn't leak, doesn't break (I've dropped it numerous times), and stays cool for a fairly long time - even in desert heat. I've also broken the little rubber band thingee (that's the technical name for it) that keeps it from smacking you in the face and was able to fix it with a regular ol' rubber band. Highly recommend these bottles!


@RaeRaggs: unless things have changed since I bought mine, the artist statement is just an easy to peel off sticker.

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