Dead Bunny

Watch this

and maybe some shadows


good start.. maybe try to put some background? maybe a dark forest?

My design is up for scoring, if you have time, please comment and score: Solving Rubiks Cube


nice one..i like


i like the bunny, just maybe a lil smaller just a tad! on a darker color shirt, v-neck!


On darker, v-neck shirt. Added shadows and toys blocks in the background. I was thinking it would be neat to have the blocks spelling something out.. not sure what tho, any ideas??? Can add more blocks or take some away... Thanks!


i like the bunny but not the background

instead of a horizontal line of cube, try mash them together behind the bunny?



Looking nice.. i like this...


the idea behind making a line of blocks is to maybe make it look a little more figure flattering.. U know a straight line across the smallest part of the waist.. Can easily be changed. Thank you for your feed back!


I think the blocks and shadows is fighting each other. Consider getting rid of the shadow. Saturate the pink of the bunny's too gray of a pink so it'll wash into the black shirt when it goes to print. The blocks might say dead bunny or something like it. You're close!


Awesome, THANKS SOOO MUCH! Will work on it :)

joellewall profile pic Alumni

Nice bunny illustration, that is my favourite part of the design. I would move the placement of the bunny down a bit. I m not sure about the blocks in background, I would try something else or remove them all together. Maybe try adding some shadows on to the blocks so it fits more with the bunny.

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