Field Study 01

Field Study 01

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Rick....#17, you misspelled "Snipe"


this is probably one of my favorite threadless shirts of all time, given that I'm crazy about birds. that being said, in addition to Snipe being misspelled (Snip), there's also the error of "Morning Dove" (it should be Mourning) and "Godwit" being erroneously misspelled with two T's.

but despite being a stickler for scientific accuracy, here's my verdict: they're just names, and the shirt remains awesome :)

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Thanks tHoRNed Yes sorry about the spelling guys, I should have got someone smart to check it first!!!! I have sent updated artwork for if they ever reprint it again!


Beautiful shirt--I love mine. The scoop works really well with a layering cami underneath.


Yes for the love of your customers .... HOODIFY this design!!!


I would love this in a zip-up hoodie.


i would love this in a zip up hoody too


I would like this in another color please? The navy lil girly one looks nice

Science Monster

This is fabulous! I think I'm about to buy it.


Please reprint in 2XL


Great design! Too bad about the misspelled Snipe, Godwit & Mourning.
But I'd buy it anyway if they reprint, especially if it's in dark green or dark brown.

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