tee size hell

I want to purchase a tee.
but something is keeping me from buying.
threadless sizes of HELL!
normally in europe (Netherlands.) I have like t-shirt size medium.
I have no Idea what my size should be in america.
so I looked at the size chart.
meassured my chest, meassured my waist.
and your size would be: .......... it's not even on the list.
my size would be freaking 3XL
ok. either american people are bloody skinny, or something went wrong with the numbers.
I consider myself just normal. not skinny not fat.
if I pick a 3XL in a local store i would fit 3 times in that shirt.
should I order a 2xl at the risk it could be way to big, or a medium with the risk my little 7 year old cousin wouldn't even be able to fit in it.

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I think you should measure shirts that you have then compare that to the shirt sizes here, also if you don't have a girly size I think what other girls do is buy from the guy's sizes

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Alumni

btw I'm not sure if the shirts still shrink nowadays better email customer service :)

also, people in netherlands are tall/big (not fat!). I won't be surprise if the average shirt size there is actually indeed bigger


Are you measuring right the way around your waist and chest? The dimensions in the size chart are just of the width of the shirt if laid flat, so if you're measuring all the way around, you need to divide it by 2.

But like Marco says, measure your favourite shirt then find the size which matches best.


No i'm not mixing up inches with centimeters XD I'm gonna try everything out Tx for the advise

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I'm not a 100% sure on the conversion to euro sizes but the girly shirts DO run on the short side. Im 5'7" and generally buy girls large and bring in the sides. Can you sew? Bringing in the sides is easier than buying too small.

Also they do shrink if you put them in the dryer. Best is to wash them cold and then hand stretch them back into shape and air dry.

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