does urban outfitters stalk threadless?

they have a floral skull tee and two sugar skulls and it's freaking me out. not that sugar skulls are a completely original idea, it's just the proportions, colors, etc...i'm sure it's just a coincidence but it doesn't make me hate them any less for ripping off other people's work...

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Sugar skulls seem to be gaining popularity. It seems like I see a few designs with them each week.

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does spacesick stalk YOU?

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no but maybe if you ask nicely

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Urban Outfitters also has a Tee with a gun shooting out stars that's almost identical to the Threadless tee of a tank doing the same thing. They're actually pretty well know for stealing other peoples' designs. Some of them are so similar I don't see how they get away with it, but I guess if it's a little bit different and they drew it then it's legal. :|

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Um um, what is this? Did Mathiole sell this design to urban outfitters or is urban outfitters part of design by humans?

If none of the above, they ripped it directly from DBH. (I know DBH is a competing tshirt company, but this rip off still bothers me)

Its even got the same name :x

Urban Outfitters Shirt

DBH shirt


I believe DBH licences some of its designs to Urban Outfitters.

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I was curious about their selection once recently and took a photo. A lot of the ones stocked at this store were pop-culture iconic type stuff, but more threadless-y was elsewhere


I think in the past there were some direct rip-offs at Urban Outfitters.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do stalk Threadless and other popular tee labels now. Partly to avoid "accidentally" paying for a rip-off again, but also to follow trends.

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I think UO also had a connection in the past with the same time TL was hooking up with S6.


all good things to know...i remember a controversy about a top with a bomber dropping cupcakes? or something like that...i've seen them steal BLATANTLY from jewelry's very annoying. just more reasons for people to BUY INDIE. it's worth it in every way.

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That's why I sew my own shirts.

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