One second...

storm's a comin'

grab the plywood, ma

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the czar

Fuck just lost some shingles off the roof and I have a leak. Under control for now but it isn't even supposed to get bad for another 2 hours go away please


Woke up to a wet ceiling. Not too bad. Didn't see missing shingles. Power is back on, but I think my comcast cable box got fried. :( Please please please don't let there be a fallen tree on anything important. prays

Hey Nathan, if you're reading this blog, what's the word up there in NY? You ok?


Also, on a funny note, my newspaper still got delivered! Double bagged any everything, I can't believe it.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

everything's all good here

nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Alumni

Oh man sorry about your cable box, Chad! Soft steady rain here - All good in New York, too - as far what I'm reading and in my own slightly leaky apartment, there wasn't much to see here...

queenmob profile pic Alumni

a bit windy in NYC that might be it... and i am very hangover...

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni



Feeling like an old man watching the weather channel right now, seem like every faired better than expected, storm died more quickly then they thought.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

where i live:

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

The power got knocked out in suburban/rural MD where I was staying, and they're hooked up to a well so the water was out too. We left the dog and walked down to look at the river and when we came back he ate three huge choc chip cookies and a brick of cheese. He hasn't pooped in 24 hours. We mostly played board games till 2:30 last night and I just got home now and all the power and everything is fine, yay!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

the river near me is waaaaaaay flooded. the path i bike on is completely submerged. i'll post some pics in a little while.


Well,Tell me what is on your back,,Those thing is for running away from the storm..

jet approves

well, the whales are starting to look appropriate.

Steve The Great

no damage, really. apparently a lot of the schools don't have power so tomorrow would've been the first day of school but now it's cancelled.


flooding didn't happen too bad around my house, there are areas on wilmington, and even right outside of my neighborhood with some bad flooding/no power. But my power has been on and working fine, and, aside from a small area in my backyard, all the water is gone.

the czar

So I wake up this morning and the house smells kinda musty. I check my crawlspace, which is poured concrete and cinderblock, about 36" high, and I have standing water! Never happened before. So I spent the last 6 hours on my hands in knees trying not to smash my head and using my wet dry vac to collect all the water. The fun part was trying to lift the half full ship vac up through the 3' x 3' entry way in the floor. Awesome

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