One second...

Clounsters++ ---- stolen design?

ouch... busted by the artist.

Watch this

what are you talking about?


I dunno, I see the similarities, but is there an iron clad picture to this story? I mean, it looks like they both draw creatures. So does Brian Froud... where is the theft? I am not saying that anyone is innocent or guilty, I just want to see exactly where the proof of a rip off is.


page 88 of the artist's book "now you've done it" ... i have the book.


That sucks that somone would rip off a design like that. :(


jebus, and i totally gave that a 3.

it has a zero now. i should have known it was the creatures in my head (poor rendition).


Crappy someone would do that, but it was also a crappy design


could you scan it?


i agree with i carnt spel, I don't see these "creatures" on mr andrew bells website and the link posted in his comment sure as hell doesn't look like anything in the submission.

if he's are going to accuse someone of ripping off his work, maybe he should post a link that actually shows the creature he ripped... at least something somewhat similar.


i agree

so far this is like stickymike having rights to pacman eyes.

deadzebra officially owns all creatures/monsters

She Says So

i only gave it a 1 anyway.


yeah, it's crap


I'm not savvy enough to paste another picture in here (of the exact drawing from author's book), but the submitter's seated figure with ears on the right of the shirt is a 180 degree reversal plus partial edit of an exact drawing on page 88 of andrew bell's book "now you've done it." this submitter has removed the tail and the arms of andrew bell's original figure and pasted what was left of it here. it's a copy. maybe the submitter copied it from a buddy who copied it from andrew bell, but it's not an original.


^^^ that's supposed to be the one that was are you going on about. post something that actually looks like something on the submission PLEASE!!!

it would really help if you posted that pic skipcronin

as said on the submission, DPU could have easily cried foul considering most of his extensive work is somewhat the same but 100x better.

anyway, the drawing is poop on that submission, so who really gives a shit. choose your battles ppl.


I thought the drawing was mighty crappy and scored it low anyway.


yeah, i see many people draw this way these days...


"^^^ that's supposed to be the one that was are you going on about. post something that actually looks like something on the submission PLEASE!!!"

christ, can you not read? Read the description again and then look at that picture..better yet look at the sub and then look at that picture..that is the example that was brought from the book--one which i own as well..

give me a break..why is it you got so much more worked up on this guys defense when he hasnt?


because calling someone a rip-off is a big deal, when you have no evidence otherwise.


"Plagiarism is the practice of dishonestly claiming original authorship of material which one has not actually created, such as when a person incorporates material from someone else's work into his own work without attributing it."


blah blah blah blah - the "creatures in my head" guy has a cool site, good drawings and cool toys.


Most people get worked up because they are artists here and have a huge distaste for ripped-off or stolen art. They also know about the work that goes into creating something original.

But in the end it's hard to be truely original. Almost everyone is inspired or influenced by someone or something. Most often this is a subconscious decision but sometimes it is conscious. It seems to be like it could be that the Clounsters ++ submission was inspired by the Creatures in my Head guy. But I do not think it's a true rip off.

The only close monsters I could find were:
Slouching Monster vaguly similar to bottom left monster (same as linked photo in blog above) &
Long Nose Monster vaguly similar to bottom right monster

If those are in fact the "ripped off" monsters I'd say that the artist changed them enough to not be rip-offs anymore. In order for "legal" recourse to be taken if design in question the needs to be closer than that. The legal margin would mean that the designs only have 30% or less changes. The submission is clearly mor than that.

But there are alot of people who design creepy little monsters in that similar style. Are you going to hunt them all down and accuse them of stealing too??


i'm not quite sure why you gave the definition of plagiarism... but, i've seen many characters similar to these by various artists. to attribute them to one "creator" is not so easily done.

Andy Mason

the design sucked. if i saw someone with that crappy of a design, i would not have tried to claim that it was copied from me.


either way the submission is not very good, the lines suck, personally I feel that even though it is not a direct replica of the original artist, the ideas are not that original, when I look at stuff I like I use it as an inspiration for my own work, but if it looks too much like someone than I redo the work...I want to have original ideas...just my 2 cents


aaaah Z_is_for_xylophone, yeah, I looked at the picture. I'm the first one to come to the defense of someone who has been ripped off and rope the sod who does the ripping, ask uberryan or the dude who did predicament. Don't belittle me with your bullshit and I have c omplete respect for mr andrew bells work.

and to quote the brillinat andy mason, "the design sucked. if i saw someone with that crappy of a design, i would not have tried to claim that it was copied from me."

and if you want to go into the whole plaagerism deal, the design has been alter up to 50% more, therefore you have no case, but you had no case to begin with.


I'm not trying to make enemies here in the least, just accuse someone when they sincerely deserve it and I will rally to your side 100% . Jusy prove to me with out a doubt please, that's all I ask.


here is the pic regarding one of the characters that was lifted:


okay, that works..... click on the thumnail above


yep, he pretty much ripped off that character, you're definitely right about that skipcronin

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