i just sent this to someone. was i out of line?

Alright dude,
It’s weeks after the date of the show, the show that I did the poster for, and I have not seen a check. We have a serious problem. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there was no written contract for anything that I did for you, but I am not above making you look like a fucking asshole on myspace. Yes, that’s right, $50 is worth that too me. Do you really feel like changing your "company" name? Well, I don’t feel like making you. So, why don’t you just fucking pay me. I did you a favor. Rember? My original fee was $75, and I said I would do the work for $50. Because you said that you were small time. I agreed that small businesses should get each otheres backs and agreed to give you a discounted price. So now you feel like its alright to fucking blow me off. Something tells me that you have done this before. As a matter of fact I think that all the shit you spouted about only making $20 from the show, was a complete line of shit. You have completely fucked up my belief that there are still good people here. YOU SUCK, DONT FUCKING TRY TO MAKE AMENDS.

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Watch this

I don't think he'll pay you after that.

Btw, is that the flyer of the 21+ punk show with the half clad girly on it?


Yeah, you're so not going to get your money now -- or probably ever even without this. Sorry man. Some people are just dicks.


i know. i decided this evening that after four months without getting paid, that i just wanted to be a dick and give one person shit for all of the times i have been taken advantage of artistically. this guy was the scapegoat for all the non-payers in my past. i think it was fun!!! sorry


I think your anger is warranted if it's been four months. What a cheap bastard.

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didn't you just have ablog like this?


that was harsh and the grammar is atrocious

Rember? $50 is worth that too me

you could have handles that better


yea wtf are there moderators about cause a lot of posts just left


the grammar fuhrer is in the house!!

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i could have sworn you already posted this... i must be going nuts


i dont know but i had a spasm cause these things wouldnt show what i typed


that sort of people is why I get half of the payment before the job and have body builder friends around >:] also this is a typical situation how things work in my country. Even if you have a contract you can't sue him for it or do anything because it will take ages and cost hell more money. I also recommend never do fovours about jobs, it just never ends pretty...


i agree. ill keep this blog posted as i ge feedback from him.


I think it could have been handled more professionally, considering he might tell anyone he knows not to go to you for anything. Four months is a long-ass time to not come up with fifty bucks, though. Still, if you needed to unleash on him, it probably would have been best to send a relatively nice letter first. If you don't get a response or get blown off again, that's when you bring out the big guns.

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you did! i'm not going mad haha


trust me, he got a couple of nice ass letters. i have basically given up on getting paid. i thought i would have some fun. if you feel my pain look for COMPOUND PRODCTIONS on myspace and give him some hell. everyone has a little steam to get rid of. lets make this guy our ...............steam toilet! hahahahahaha


I think that you were out of line. Also it is very unprofessional to send something with so many typos. I doubt that you will get a responce, let alone your money.

Just my opinion.


I have never been more pissed, so I am acting out. Sorry.


That always happens to me, especially with deals with no written contracts, always on the brink of getting ripped off. But I always ask and remind tactfully (almost to the point that I'm spamming them), always attaching our correspondences in the email so there's a history of the 'transaction'. My clients would always apologize for the delay due to personal problems or server crashes, etc, but in the end, I always get paid.

I think you went overboard with your letter. Advice: never use profanity in your correspondences even if you're pissed off to the max. At least, you maintained your dignity and they're always on the wrong side. :-)


~~~^^thats me being calm^^~~~


----- that's me doing a gandhi impersonation :-) -----


{}[]{}[]{}[]{}{{}{{}}{{}}{{}}{{}}{{}}{{}}}{{}}{{}}{{}}{{}}{{}}{{} thats my heart beat.........................


I think if your aim was to get your money then you went about it the wrong way but if you wantd to show him how you felt then you did a bang-up job


like i said, i have given up on the loot. i just wanted to vent......AT HIM. so your right, i think i nailed it. i'll regret it tomorrow, but so what. it's done. hahahahahha

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you should charge interest for your next clients

dont you still own copyright if they havent paid you anything?


well I think you can kiss your money goodbye after that


im sorry dude, i know how it feels!..i support your reaction, but keep your honor intact my friend, if you are well educated, you can always make them feel like shit without even using an insult, that way you may insult them without them even knowing they are being insulted...long live vocabulary!


i dont ever want to piss you off

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