Threadless U starts August 15th. Pick your house!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Aug 08, 2011

Our week-long Camp Wannatee Cabin Challenge seems like ages ago. Summer is coming to an end and we have to starting sharpening our pencils and buying our books because it’s time to go back to school! But, we aren’t sad. School is super fun at Threadless U.

There are 4 fraternity houses at Threadless U and you have to join ONE before classes start on Monday, August 15th! Summer campers, you can stay with your house if you’d like (all houses are starting at 0 members), but make sure to let the president know and help them recruit some new members.

Frat Houses:
MEGA GIGA TERA - Fraternity President Alvaro Arteaga (the ‘geeks’)
Delta Bluto Parti - Fraternity President Aled Lewis (the ‘partiers”)
Phi Club - Fraternity President Ian Leino (the ‘jocks’)
The No-It-All House - Fraternity President Evan Ferstendfeld (the ‘overachievers’)

Pick your House, go to the president’s profile and sign up on their blog!

Our Frats are really competitive so make sure to get to all of your classes (below) and participate in each daily challenge! It’s a HOUSE BRAWL!

Here’s your class schedule:

Monday, Aug 15th – Most tweets with your house name in the #hashtag. Specifics coming soon!
Tuesday, Aug 16th – Create the best mascot for your house!
Wednesday, Aug 17th – Get your vote on! The house with the most votes wins!
Thursday, Aug 18th – Think of the best motto for your house
Friday, August 19th – Photoshop Challenge - the house with the best Photoshop image wins. More details to come soon.

Monday, Aug 22nd – Most tweets with your house name in the #hashtag. Specifics coming soon!
Tuesday, Aug 23rd – Collaboration Tee Design - work together to create the best collab tee. Due on Thursday!
Wedesday, Aug 24th – Get your vote on! The house with the most votes wins!
Thursday – Most submissions by house members from August 15th – 25th (2 week long challenge)
Friday August 26th – Final Exam time! Tune in to watch the Final Exam - make sure you tune into Ustream at 3pm CST to watch Threadstaff try and win for your house.

The house that wins each challenge will get a spin on the wheel to help them out during Friday’s FINAL EXAM at 3pm CST!

The house that is the overall FINAL EXAM winner with the best grade will get an awesome back to school pack of stuff including their house collaboration tee! WHOA!

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reags profile pic Alumni

fun fun fun FUN*!!

*Rebecca Black approves

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i'll think about it

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

Come on Randy, if you don't get into our frat house, i will personally kick your butt in the Meetup (and I am serious about this)

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

that poor nerd!

cshimala profile pic Staff



It pains me to see perfectly good Threadless IPA go to waste! :)


Can you show me where the campus is?


sounds sweet .. will there also be a sale during this class schedule?

queenmob profile pic Alumni

ALso, FA, which house should I pick??? WHICH?! Am I a geek or an overachiever? I can be both.


The 26th is my 21st birthday!!!!????1!??!?!? D:

Farnell profile pic Alumni

gutted am away on holiday this week - so won't have much time online to join this


This is pretty cool.... Can't wait let's go Delta Bluto Parti !!!


As the host of the Pop Quiz Final Exam challenge it breaks my hear that I won't be in a house! Uuuuuuuuuuuugh!


Ideas are coursing through my brain


Ok, that pic is, like, totally awesome & Craig's pose cracks me up for some reason. Lulz, indeed!

Mountain Gnome

hehe, nice followup to camp wannatee!


Obviously the rockers are too cool for t-shirts.

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