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i like the style of this design, but i just don't see the point. in what way does the style enhance the idea and what is the idea? what is this shirt saying? because it doesn't say anything to me. it tells a story i've heard before, but doesn't give me any insight into the story or make me think of the story in a new way. am i missing something? is there a way to interpret this design to make it mean something? someone help me out here.

Watch this

you should read some of the other blogs on this shirt or just go directly to the artist comments


i did read the artist's comments and the design still doesn't speak to me. i don't see how the image gets across the idea the artist has about knowledge and the completion of the human form. it's not at all clear, and i don't see how anyone could interpret the idea the artist has by seeing the image.

and as for the other blogs on the shirt, i don't see a whole lot of insight there either.


well, it makes sense to me. sorry.


I dunno. I also found the artist's explanation to be fairly crystalline and I think she executed her idea well.


i definitely like the artistic style and the use of the silhouettes. i like the distorted shape of parts of eve's body, but i don't distinctly see the transformation from bubble figure to "human". and why would transformation begin with touch and not taste?

the bubbly shapes remind me a bit of a marionette puppet. to have put strings on her that fade into the top of the shirt and to show the strings falling down or breaking apart... that may have made more sense to me. and then i would have understood the artist's idea a bit more.


actually, i would've bought the shirt if it had puppet strings falling down.

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It's ok. I didn't make this shirt as a method of transmitting a coded message, so even if no one ever saw the same things I did, that's fine with me. As the kids say, art is subjective. People bring themselves to it and take meaning where they can. I'm sorry that you don't find anything to take from it, but others do, so they'll like my shirt and you'll like others.

chelly & lemonalle -- thanks again!


i still really like the style, and at least the design made me think. i got something out of it anyway!


I don't know if it would change how you see the design, but I ended up commenting on this submission last week over at LovesThreadless. I really enjoy this design, and I think it shows really well how Eve isn't yet "fully" human until she takes a bite of the fruit.


and why would transformation begin with touch and not taste?

because she becomes more human the moment she takes the fruit from the forbidden tree. this is the moment she disobeys, really. sure, the story goes "do not eat of the forbidden fruit," but damned if she wasn't gunna.

ozrict two

yeah sure...put a hole in front of her like she's falling into a trap.


I never post on this website, but I was so moved by the obtuseness of your comment, which I view as an attempt to simply post something bold and attention-getting, that I couldn't help but respond. The notion that art, and in the case of all items on threadless, wearable art, must convey meaning or have a point or "say s0mething" to you is a really naive one.

The organic shapes used in this design - the slightly abstracted trees that remind me of hebrew letters, the rugged earth, the female figure's jointed legs conjuring images of figure drawing dolls - combined with the pond-green shades, soothes the viewer, who, like Eve, is oblivious to the imminent danger lurking almost transparently in the background.. I could go on about the composition (which means the arrangement/balance of elements in the piece) which is actually quite awesome, and then ... maybe choose to break it down and analyze it - but - it looks nice. It is pleasing to my eye. And so I like it.

When I was much younger I made art that "had a message" with a capital 'M.' About politics, misogyny, abuse, whatnot. After a bit of education, I was freed from the misconception that art had to "mean" or "say" something. Hot damn, after a while, there wouldn't be anything else to say! But seriously, what is conveyed in a piece of art can be very subtle (as in the feeling you get inside when you stare into the eyes of the man in the photograph), or mundane, yet mundane to the point of brilliance.

I bet you hate modern art! Pollock? Richter? You might be interested to take an art class. With your initial post and your four subsequent follow-ups, it seems that you have some enthusiasm for it.


dear dent:

thank you for obtusely calling me a moron with no artistic taste or understanding! i have no appreciation for art or its purpose (or purposelessness). good thing you explained what composition meant, too, because i would've been searching the internet forever trying to figure out what that is! and yes, i am also very young and naive. i'm glad you understand me! i also do try to get attention very frequently but usually not by posting retarded blogs though. i usually go with running around drunk and naked or speaking very loudly when i have nothing good to say.

i don't generally respond to dramatically insightful comments like these; i prefer to just let it mentally marinate and allow it to torment me on the inside, thrashing my ego and self-confidence. however, i enjoy being misinterpretted and insulted so much that i had thank you!

just so you can insult me some more, i'll tell you that some of my favorite artists are j.m.w. turner, salvador dali, and audrey heller. please let me know with your infinite art wisdom if these artists are any good or not, because i really have no idea myself...

OH! and by the way, i have no sense of humor, so please don't fuck with me.


^ haha....



that makes sense. i guess i just didn't see it that way. thanks for explaining. i really appreciate it.


Aw shit. you showed me up! I'm an honest person, and looking at my post I will say that in retrospect, my comment makes me look like a cocky, condescending bitch. But I'm not! I still maintain that your initial comments about this shirt were odd, but not deserving of my response, which makes some assumptions about you, and - girl, I don't know a thing about you! Except that you do have a sense of humor.


And you know, if I ask myself why I wrote the goddamned thing in the first place instead of writing a paper like I was supposed to, it's textbook projection - someone was really mean to me, and I got angry, etc..right before I sat down at the computer. And so I took it out on you. I sincerely apologize.


you are thoroughly forgiven! good luck getting that paper done!

i'm glad you have a sense of humor, too!


and just so you know, i really don't search for meaning in every piece of art, only sometimes. i have taken several art classes, which i enjoyed, but i'm certainly not creative enough to master any kind of art. i didn't mean in any way to insult the artist. in fact, the design does visually appeal to me, but i just couldn't get any new ideas or understanding from it. i'm interested in viewing and understanding art in ways that i can't think of myself. and because this design is visually appealing to me, i wanted more out of it.


Is it considered "weird" to add someone to your buddy list because you find their pictures attractive on Threadless?

And also, what if they don't have a link to their screen name?

What an odd thing to say.

Oh well.


an odd thing to say indeed.

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I just bought this shirt because my first name is Eve.

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Regardless of intent the design is still lackluster.

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i love this design... i didnt really bother to look into why i liked it 'til read your comments, i think it speaks to my mischievious side, it also has a calmness like it is ok to be mischievious...maybe

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