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Don't Worry Everything Is Going To Be Amazing, Select Guys Organic Tee

Don't Worry Everything Is Going To Be Amazing, Select Guys Organic Tee

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Did Olly Moss design that shirt for Forever 21? Cuz I've got a shirt with that same design from there last year.


@apolojeez - Forever 21 ripped it horribly and embarrassingly . From what I remember they pulled it from they're shelves... LAME!




I'd love a print of this. Any chance it exists?


I love the design but am really disappointed with the shirt, the fabric is incredibly thin, I can't see it lasting many washes. This is counterintuitive, you'd think 'select' would mean a better quality but instead it's the opposite! It would be good if the T shirt listing mentioned the fabric weight in gsm.

I would return it but the premium cost meant UK customs stung me for an extra GBP12 so if I return it, that money was for nothing.

Also I see Threadless has nowhere to post complaints or feedback apart from in the comments. So here I am, hoping someone will notice this.

I've bought many a tee from you Threadless but this time I am seriously unimpressed.


@Tassyn the Select shirts are higher quality. They feel flimsy, but that shirt will last you years. The idea of the fabric is that it feels good and has a more natural "fall" on your body. A thicker shirt just makes people look more bulky.

just my two cents.


mmmm.. does it come with the model? ;]


Can I get this as a print?

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please reprint this on small =)

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