Things You're Still Into

I think most people gain and lose interests as they grow older. Like, scooters, or trampolines, or action figures. But I think everyone has one or two things they still like from when they were a kid, what kind of stuff do you still like now that you're an adult?

I've always liked cartoons, and I still pretty much mostly watch cartoons. I still like capri suns, those were my childhood favorites.

what is stuff you still like?

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I'm actually a lot more into kidstuff now than I was as a kid, partly because I wasn't allowed to watch TV when I was little and didn't really have many friends.

I'm all about Looney Tunes. I think a lot of the jokes are better now that I'm older and can actually understand them.


ah man, boobs forever.


I'm a sucker for kids films and tv, for a while I was heavily into phenius and ferb and I'll happily watch a pixar movie/disney movie over a horror film any day of the week.

(I hate horror, I just dont get whats enjoyable about those films, especially ones like saw).

Also Pokemon.


Spontaneous song and/or dance. Making up stories. Lately I've been watching childhood cartoons on instant play. Board games. Age of Empires. Face-painting. Roald Dahl.

Actually, I'm embarrassingly childish.

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Sour cream and onion chips. Videogames, also.

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er, also...I would still be into the nick-at-night reruns of Get Smart, Dragnet, I Dream of Genie, Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Bewitched...but they aren't on TV anymore.


the hula hoop.


lisa frank.

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oddly enough... food

i have these cravings 4-5 times a day my doctor says theirs nothing to worry about, its all part of growing up but sometimes i wake up at night from my butt vibrating and giving off a fowl odor

what should i do?


I think that might be some sort of cancer.

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this is gonna sound racist but for realz grape soda greazy fried chikenz in a bucket with those buttery buzcits and chilly willy... the cartoon penguin from the 50's


Yes to cartoons. And dinosaurs.

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Actually it would be easier to list things I am NOT into anymore: Knight Rider (fuck Hasselhoff), Alf (fuck that thing), Smurfs (fuck... wait I never was into Smurfs)

Srsly, most stuff I liked in the 80's and 90's is still awesome. D&D, games, Muppets, MacGyver, Transformers, He-Man. All good.

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The two things I wanted to be when I grew up: 1. Artist 2. Astronaut


Cats, and stuffed animals



computer games


Japanese Women

**not necessarily in that order

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pb and j kool aid cartoons drawing wieners

Steve The Great

I still like watching other people play videogames.

which is totally weird.


Dude, yeah Steve. My cousin was so into games and I have distinct memories of going to his house and watching him play Yoshi's Island but never really playing much myself.


Nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough.

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attenborough is a good one. we're getting closer and closer to the day we lose him and it's going to suck.

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i'd love either david attenborough or patrick stewart for a gps.


I still love climbing trees, although I don't really have any to climb.

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I still enjoy watching Jeopardy.

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  • Drawing (only thing I had growing up)
  • Solitary (sitting alone to read, draw, play guitar, listen to music, etc.)
  • Movies/T.V., especially Cartoons (didn't get a lot of them growing up (didn't have t.v., but when I was over at friends' house or house-sitting, that's basically all we/I did), but I've recently rediscovered my love for them, especially Adventure Time, a new favorite) -Drawing
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Caprisuns are the bomb.

I still play a massive amount of them pokemans and I go through ocarina of time blindfolded whenever I'm bored. I also still have my plushies collection. Also, any asians/asianwannabes out there who have had these?

I still love those things.

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Girls with glasses.

Cash Cow.
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Kratt's Creatures Yes! Love the Kratt brothers but we mostly watched Zoboomafoo.

Captain Underpants.

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Fossils Dinosaurs


All this stuffz. And boobz.

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