Solar System Scarf

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I'm considering the posibility of cartoonizing these pictures of the planets and putting their symbols on them with some text that reads "The World revolves around me" or something like that, but I also really like the simplicity of this.


Its a nice concept but I'm not sure if I would call the image simple. If simple is what you're after (and I think you should) I would minimize the amount of colors you are using, and probably come up with "symbols" for the planets rather than using actual images of the planets.

If you wouldn't mind, take a look at what I have up for crit. Rest in Pieces


ok but do you think it NEEDS to be simplified? I mean I really like the colors right now, I could totally see this being printed on a silk scarf as something one of my professors from college would wear. I kind of like the idea of just have a white cursive font following the curve that says the "The World revolves around me" and keeping it at that, what do you think? Simplify it or keep it as pictures?

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