death by cigarettes: process blog

the design is made from two packs of cigarettes, although i only used a few cigarette butts. Didn't really smoke any of them (i quit smoking about 5 years ago), i just let it finish by itself and collected the ash.

added some paper cutouts to form the eyes and nose. dropped some cigarette ashes to form the outline of the skull.

The skull seemed a bit off at this point so had to tweak it a bit.

Moved the nose and teeth up a bit.

changed the background to black to make it fit the shirt color. A bit of editing in photoshop and voila! It's done!

it's up for scoring...please vote and comment :)

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Really cool.


Awesome one.

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thanks dudes!

@marco: haha, nope. i just lit them up and left it outside the house. although i did inhale a lot of smoke while lighting them up :P

that's one pack each of reds and lights.

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you should've invited me over and smoked them packs.

Johnny Baboon
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should have gotten a better score. sorry i missed it.


very very good idea !!

Nice Guy Eddie

fuck me this is totally awesome ! i smoke a pack a day how does it comes that i don"t have bright ideas such as this one ! thanks a lots for the'tutorial' ! :)


this is really amazing :) I'd totally buy this as a shirt


:'( Next time call me i'll smoke everything you want ! Really good !!! Good luck


Great idea! Very original!


This is cool


Love this. So creative & cool!


deadly creative


creative work dude:)


Way Cool! Good message!


Great idea, nice execution. I would wear it!

Sur Pawl

Great Idea! :)


does anyone actually know how to make a shirt,because im lost.

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this is awesome. What's with the BS score? Maybe you can sell it to a anti-tobacco lobby group? Worth a shot.


Neato mosquito but even cooler for not smoking no more! What gave you this idea?


New to the site, really like this one. Did you think about using the yellow cigarette butts to simulate yellowed teeth? That would throw off the monochrome look though. Nice work.

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