This is completely inappropriate as a children's shirt

  • by sophiii
  • posted Sep 12, 2006

Why on earth would you put images of helicopters holding missiles on the body of a child? What the fuck?

Wow. Of course I realize that things like GI Joe toys exist. Of course I realize that it's my personal opinion and that I don't have to buy it. That doesn't mean I can't object to it.

I'm all for raising intellectual, aware, cultured children who understand the world they live in. That said, I don't think that young children need to know exactly what war entails. I think it's fine if they know it exists, but I don't think they need to know all its horrifying details.

So what, you think? This isn't horrifying details. It's a t-shirt, and nobody's making you buy it, you damn kid. You're a child yourself.

That's your opinion, and that's fine with me. I just personally feel that putting weapons in a cartoon, cuddly setting strips them of their significance. It's like when you hear little kids throwing around "I'm gonna kill you." I Find that unsettling.

I can appreciate this shirt as a pretty amusing, cute, clever thing if you're an adult, to be sure.

I don't like the way that weapons have become a motif in fashion. I don't like tops that have little prints of machine guns, and I don't like shirts like "Flowers in the Attic." (And not just because it has been reprinted about 35235 times.)

That's my personal choice. If you don't agree with me, that's fine, that's your opinion, and I have no desire to convert you.

Also--I have no kids. That won't happen for roundabouts of a decade. And Ross (if that is indeed the boy's name) sure is adorable in the picture.

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and ross looks nice in that photo.


but its such a cute panda!

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And why the fuck would you curse in front of children? Why? Why, I say?!?

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jeez, its not like the panda is shoving the tank up his ass

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whisper in water

loserbeech took the words out of my mouth.

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sophi you are too uptight.

Here, have a soothie, you baby.


Why shield your child from what they will find out sooner or later? And I don't see this shirt as bad. They probably won't understand the shirt, and they will have the coolest shirts of all the kindergarden class :)


Why shield your child from what they will find out sooner or later? And I don't see this shirt as bad. They probably won't understand the shirt, and they will have the coolest shirts of all the kindergarden class :)

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sophiii you are completely inappropriate as a childrens mother but noone will try to stop you when the time is "right"


It's not inappropriate, some parents approve showing weapons on their child's T-shirts, others don't.


This isn't real. Who could fuss like this over something so not important and be serious?


If you don't like the shirt and don't want your kids wearing it, then why buy it? It's not like anyone here is forcing you to buy the shirt, if you buy it, it's your choice, and if they do, then to some degree the parents must approve.


I'd like to point out she presumably doesn't have children, as it says she is 15. Making this even less of a reasonable thing to say.


Yeah no one is forcing you to buy the shirt okay?

I know it's good to have an opinion and all, but dont you think your going a just a LITTLE bit over the top?

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i suppose harry potter is poisoning children too with devil worship and evil magic?


So, I am guessing that you don't like the other kids shirts either, i.e. mapple vs. apy shirt because it has a thing shooting an arrow at another thing. Or the Bear Hug shirt because it promotes the squishing of children. Or the Happy When It Rains shirt because it merrily endorses flash flooding. Or the Operation Needed shirt because it encourages kids to harvest organs for the black market. Ridiculous.

If threadless had made Stabby McKnifey into a kids shirt I might raise an eyebrow. But Pandamonium? Puhlease...


i think it sucks as a kid's tee especially since some of the other prints wouldn't be as bad.


Well, it says "she really loves children."

Aww... so does John Karr. :) That just warms my heart.

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Since when does war involve giant pandas? I see where you're coming from, but this shirt doesn't actually depict a war scene.
It may have tanks on it, and missiles, but my brothers played with toys like that as kids and they don't have violent tendencies. What young boy never played with little green army men?


This is so much nicer then any looney toons cartoon where you have them getting blown up, shot at, dropped off cliffs, eating dynamite, getting shot in the head etc. shit watch any cartoon and you will find something worse


the great panda-human war of '82 touched us all. but we must never let the horror of those years stop us from passing on an invaluable lesson about the dangers of growth hormones to our children.


This is a dumb thread.


It's not so much the literal idea of war involving pandas -- i am not an idiot, contrary to what it seems i have projected -- as much as it is making violence something commonplace.

i don't think this is a big deal because nobody is making me buy it. I just think it's a little messed up.

And I love harry potter.


Also it's not about kids developing violent tendencies or anything like that. Of course kids playing with army men aren't going to go out and shoot people, it's just the juxtaposition of war with a cuddly panda.

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Im offended for the bad name it gives pandas! Last time I checked, it was a panda who saved us from the Great Depression, and it was a panda who stole my heart in The Notebook, and it was a panda who taught me that there's more to life then spitting off the overpass in the autumn!

If you ask me, children are to blame. Day and night they spend conspiring to one day take over the earth or at least a nearby Sears department store. Sure they play innocent, but have you ever seen Baby Geniuses? Yeah, that's what I thought. They can't be trusted.

P.S. Ewwww... diaper gravy


it's just a shirt. deep breath, exhale, all better.

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What its about is you trying to find something wrong with something completely fine. Pandas arent cute cuddly pals. I dare you to go run up to one. It will rip your head off. Thats how pandas roll. People's misconception that animals are sweet and people are horrible monsters is troubling. If I saw a 30 foot panda running toward my house I would blow it up. I learned that from an R rated movie I watched when I was 4. This shirt is completely fine for a child. In fact it promotes creativity and looks cute, not violent or disturbing, just funny and cute. And the surgeon general has, in the past, found that violent imagery promotes aggressive learning in children. Bill Clinton didnt like that idea, and I doubt you will either.


(a young child on the metro was quite taken with my shirt once.....he liked it muchos)

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he probably spent countless hours in therapy after being blinded by its cruel juxtaposition


nicely put Ste7en


someone's a bit uptight.


personally, i don't think that there's so much wrong with the shirt itself. however, i think MANY other threadless tees would have made for a better selection.


i think you can always find things to be unappropiate for a child if you focus on the negative, but considering the gun issue, its been around for decades, are you agains the rayguns shirt as well? Its not something you can control since violence is such a big part of out society, you watch in the news, cartoons, everywhere, its not something you could prevent your child from encountering, in fact i think its for the greater good since the worls isnt made of candy and they do have to start growing up sometime..otherwise when they do encounter bigger and stronger issued they will be in trouble when they do, since they will be so sensitive to it..

I dunno, thats my opinion anyway..


I wish I was kid so I could wear it.

In red. I like the red better.


if I had a kid, (s)he would be wearing Stabby McKnife on special occasions. Now that's inappropriate, which is reason enough to love it.


my kids would be wearing money shot. hell, my kids would be involved in FILMING money shots.

(man, i am going to hell.)


I sure remember ever boy in any of my elementary school classes drawing things getting blown up in some way or another...

Not to mention do you also want the Coyote to stop trying to kill the roadrunner. I'm pretty sure WB used a lot more explosive things then that panda is batting away...

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Won't we please think of the children!!!!


Dang yo! The girl modeling the grey girl's Pandamonium is adorable too!


I'm all for raising intellectual, aware, cultured children who understand the world they live in. That said, I don't think that young children need to know exactly what war entails. I think it's fine if they know it exists, but I don't think they need to know all its horrifying details.

I think making children understand how horrible war is is probably the best thing we can do ! And hopefully the majority of their generation grow up knowing how unnecessary and what a stupid means of achieving ends it is!

Would you rather have children thinking war is great and shiny and totally justified and necessary because its just to "get rid of the bad guys" ?? Yeah, great, even more chance they'll grow up patriotic dickheads who will further this violent culture instead of realizing that war = severed limbs and dead people which is the reality of the situation...


Bah, I refuse to pay attention to your over-exclamated, clich├ęd rant about the evilness of war. Away with you.

P.S. Somehow, I don't think a panda shirt is responsible for making kids "patriotic dickheads."


They're shooting at a giant panda ... aside from the question of exactly how much this will teach them about the real world, wouldn't you want the Army to shoot missles at a panda that big if it was, say, ravaging New York? As far as the other thing, tee shirts don't make kids dickheads. Their parents do.

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