Just wanted to share some great news with all of you!

My fortune cookie from two weeks ago told me:

... and guess what? It was right!


As many of you guys know, I've been pursuing my nursing career ever since I started blogging on Threadless, which was 5 years ago. Seriously, you guys have been with me throughout the whole process. You've seen me get rejected from my first application for the program, you've seen me get accepted into it a year later. For two years, some of you have seen me studying my butt off, dealt with my roller coaster of emotions, seen me graduate, and a whole bunch more.

I still remember getting the call telling me I got into the program, walking the stage a year ago, and celebrating officially becoming a nurse with Threadfriends during Combocon.

Less than 3 weeks ago, I got a call from a hospital telling me they wanted to set up an interview with me. That next week, I had my very first interview, and that led to a second interview. Let me tell you this. I started to doubt myself as the days passed by, but it all changed an hour ago.

I got the call from the hospital, and they offered me a position on one of their units! I accepted, so it's official! I am an employed registered nurse!

From my bloggerraiser entry last year:

Surviving the nursing program would not have been possible without Threadless. Every time I was stressed out, I would turn to a Threadless friend or the blogs to decompress. The program was very stressful at times, but chatting with people from the site helped put me at ease. You guys have been with me right from the beginning. You've seen me get rejected the first year I applied to the program, and have followed me ever since. Without all of the love, support, and encouragement, none of this would have been possible. Look at me now! I'm officially a registered nurse! I love you guys. :D

SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?

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so diesel, so so diesel, bro.

the czar

Congrats dude!!!


Dang, you mad booshy. Hope we can celebrate it together during Combo-Con.

kcollantes profile pic Alumni

Hooray! Congrats, Randy!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Congratus dude!!! Can I call you Dr. Feelgood? Nurse Feelgood? Rando Healthytimes?



ir0cko profile pic Alumni

HJORDIS W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS!

spacesick profile pic Alumni

way to go randy! :D

will you be my sugar daddy now?

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

congratulations, buddy! we did it! let's dance! :)

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

no, mitch. remember? you don't remember meeting me... ever.

dances with jess the RN

soloyo profile pic Alumni

YAY, congratulations,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

Congrats Randy!!! very proud of ya. I'm bummed that i wasn't there like last year to witness it jaja. Best of successes!

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Congrats Randy! I knew you could do it! :) Yay!

toopersent profile pic Alumni

Congrats Randy! That is great news.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

raises the roof gracias, amigos!

Ma Bell



yay!!!!!! i knew you could doodoo it!!!

reags profile pic Alumni

woop woop grats mate!

fc gravy

congrats, dude!!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Thanks all!!!

QBF, no way! I want to become an OR nurse in a couple of years!


Yayyyyyy Congrats man! So Happy for you!


Awesome man!

also I couldnt eat that cake... theres a needle.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni


i can't stop smiling!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i'm going to go look at some scrubs today.

threadless - i think you should make some scrubs for some of your healthcare community members like jess4002 and minxorjinx ;)

what colors should i get?!

i definitely know i want a set of scrubs in this color.


When do yo ustart?

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

The exact date hasn't been given to me yet. I'm still waiting for another call from one of the other nurse directors who will give me all of the details. The first director I spoke to said she thinks orientation begins on July 5th or 11th.


Shit man I've been off the comp for a week or so and I hadn't seen this. Huge congrats! I know exactly how great news like this feels bask in it, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with a hard days work.

Also you should get some hot pink scrubs.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Thanks, Matt! Hote pink scrubs. I wonder if they have fluorescent yellow too. Haha.

I think this would be a nice color to have too.

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Congrats agin bro:D Yes, threadscrubs!!



quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

QBF, no way! I want to become an OR nurse in a couple of years! Yeah she's a sister in gynaecology o.r., but she's worked in orthopaedics, general all over. She much prefers it to ward nursing, mainly because the patients are anaesthetised most of the time!!!


goatse scrubs?


A bajillion tons of congrats to you, Randy!! And I so admire you for hanging in there and never giving up. I know how hard it is to work so hard for your dream job and then not be able to find the work.

This is wonderful news and I am SO SO SO excited for you!! :D

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