The Eye Inside

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Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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It's quite abstract. Is there meant to be any specific meaning because it seems unclear at the moment. The eye is nicely rendered even though it doesn't look like accurate human eye.

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If it is supposed to be a key hole maybe build more around that to make that more clear. And try a softer color for the tee. Red is a tough tee color to work on because its such a sharp contrast to anything you put on it.


Thanks guys! yeah, it's supposed to be a keyhole. I'll try out the light grey or white shirt and see how I go. I was thinking of possibly putting a dark outline of a person underneath the eye, inside the keyhole. either that or expanding the keyhole and having it drip out the tears from underneath... what do you think?


make the keyhole clearer.also try placing the design on an actual tee template


the eye looks good, maybe your idea of expanding the keyhole and the tears. interested in seeing your next version :)

hanging out


I would say the keyhole should be three dimensional and maybe just a tad smaller? also add some metaly type texture around the hole that would really help! Nice idea!

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Yeah at first glance I'd like to know the meaning/justification for this design as it has the potential to be 'deep and meaningful' or not at all.


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Slight disjoint in styles here. The keyhole is more stylized while the eye is more realistic... the underlying meaning should be able to justify this difference. Otherwise, either make the eye more stylized, or give the keyhole more detail.


it's inspired by that deep feeling of isolation and fear we all get every so often. we dont know how to get through to anyone, so we shut ourselves off from the world. Hopefully this explains the tears and looking through the keyhole.


I think the keyhole needs to have the detail of the rest of the face inside it. It just seems like a random floating eye inside a shape right now. I would also make the outline of the keyhole not so dark. I think if the whole inside of the keyhole is rendered it won't need such a dark outline.

Grunt Von Veizatun

I really like this, I think you should show the indication of a face, because like peabarific said, it looks like a floating eye...unless that's what you were going for :)


there should be another color inside the keyhole and try to work out on the eye...

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