Jedi Swordfish

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need two, red and green. in twirly battle.

Bio-bot 9000
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I don't think you need the 'hilt' at the base. it looks too artificial. ANd yeah, 2 combatants would be neat.


I think the fish needs some work, on the shape or in the color, it looks strange been just white, maybe a texture or something. Hope it helps

Please check mine if you can :)

Raz Shelach

Here is a version without text. is it better then the previous version?


Great design! Love the Star wars theme :) maybe you could add a little death star bubble in there? otherwise it''s awesome!

Raz Shelach

Thanks Kate. here is one that I added death star bubble. Do you think its better? I wonder if its not too small.

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Wow this has come a long way since v1! I'm liking the latest version. Only thing that could make it better is if you swapped the right swordfish for a narwhal. Darth Narwhal!


lovin it , could u make death star little bigger? i'd buy this ;)


The subtle 'Death Star' works well. I think the design lacks ferocity. It looks like their playing instead of warring, in my opinion.

Would like your thoughts on my design please...


Raz Shelach

I changed the fin for one that is more identified with sword fish.

Raz Shelach

This versions combines the two styles of the fins and create difference between the two fishes.


could the red light saber of the sword fish be a black swordfish maybe? um thats really about it, if you like it like this I would say submit :)


WOOZA! this is way cool! i saw you experimented without the text... and i like it much better without. people should understand that this is star wars without reading that. and while i think the death star is clever... i think the bubbles are distracting and look like they were designed to fill that space. maybe place them somewhere else (like a trail of bubbles leading up from the bottom?) or maybe add teeny-tiny bubble to express motion and the clashing of the two sabers?

if you have a sec could you critique mine please? Hummus' Husband Comes Home Early

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