Pessimistic or Optimistic?

Pessimistic or Optimistic?

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I'm glad they put up a girl with curves. Easier to tell if they'd look good on others like my self!


somethin' nice


awesome! love it!

Mike Laxx

This is awesome! Can I recreate a drawing with the same concept? It would be totally different aside from the theme, and I would only post it in my Facebook, and give you due credit and post the link. Can I? Please?


Just got my shirt. I love the artwork - it's hilarious. BUT... printing gray ink that's slightly lighter than the gray of the shirt material is just dumb. The art pretty much disappears because there's no contrast. Who was the genius who came up with printing gray on gray? It pretty much ruins the whole thing - unless you're the kind of person who likes people to come right up to your tits and stare in order to see what's going on - in which case - thumb's up!

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