just the god's honest truth!

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just the god's honest truth!


nice Mr. Garrison! hahah

Some air

aswome blocked typography! 5$!

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Very hard to read all the way through which kills the momentum in a joke that depends on it. It's a great joke in the South Park movie, dunno if it's the one I woulda picked for mass t-shirt consumption, haha.

this is funny, but i think some people may find it quite offensive... it's a cool design though!


Wow, a typo, poorly laid out, AND it's misogynistic and offensive! One more space and my bingo card is filled.

  1. Times a million. So still, 0.

I think if you fixed the typo this would be great! Hahahaaha it totally made me laugh!!! =D


I can see how it may be offensive, but I'm a girl and I still think it's funny. Who doesn't like South Park??


weird quote for a cool typo.


"L dont prus T anything that bleeds for 5 days and does'nt die"?


Nice type but i dunno if I cans core it hih because its from south park

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