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Things That Glow...

Things That Glow...

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Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Yes! It glows in the dark!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

nice one, TONT!


Awesome, but you should add worms and fish. :)


Mine does not glow in the dark. No amount of charging by regular light results in a glow. This is possible to do, given the right paint - which this is not. It will glow under black light but I do not carry that around with me. I am returning it.


mine definitely glows, even now after owning it for years.


Reprint in XS, please and thank you! :D


I like it!!! :-)


It's my first glow in the dark purchase from Threadless. I wore it all day during a trip to Newfoundland in anticipation of a night hike/bonfire with friends and it didn't glow at all. Regular sunlight just doesn't seem to cut it. Later on, I soaked the shirt under a hot lamp for a few hours and it glowed. I guess I got a misprint or something. shrug I still love the design!

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