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The Sailor and the Sea Serpent

The Sailor and the Sea Serpent

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I love this shirt but it's impossible for me to pull off stripes :(

evan3 profile pic Alumni

Love this shirt and always have, but I already own WAKE. Should I get this one as well?


I'm in the same boat as you evan, I LOVE Wake, but this is pretty much the same style of stripes. Maybe if the color(s) of the design were shifted in some way it'd be better for the ton of people who have bought Wake?


I like wake but LOVE this one more. Is it me or does the size on wake run bigger than usual? All my Threadless Tees are Medium and I love the fit after being washed. Only Wake is still a little too big and so I don't wear it. :/


Okay, so I not the only one who feels that way. I wonder if this one is better quality. Oh Threaddless. Why!

I am addicted.

I've bought 5 shirts this week.


I wish they would make this into a Hoodie!!!


Reprint in SMALL, please!


Jason Urban! I didn't realize your design made it on Threadless! I love Printeresting


Reprint in large please!!!!x


I do love this shirt, but mine is a much lighter blue than the photographs suggest.


o god, i sooo need a reprint of this (s)


Please reprint but in a navy blue.


Can you reprint this shirt please? It's freakin' awesome!


M please!


There needs to be a baby/kid version of this t-shirt. That way Henry and his cool parents can all wear the same t-shirt and look awesome together! Maybe we could special order a baby onesie of this?


M or L please!!!!!!


Make this a v-neck, and I'll buy it in a heart beat


MAAAN, I asked for this reprint weeks ago.. Thank you, gonna buy it asap.


Got this for xmas, and the alignment is waaaay off! Doesnt line up around the arms or neck, really sloppy job. :(

Fabio Monnerat

Nas miniaturas ela aparece custando de $20 por $9, mas aqui continua $20,00... Qual é o real preço?


The printing quality is low. Too low for my not-usually-so-picky taste. Do not disregard the warning about "minor printing imperfections". In my eyes, they're not "minor".

I love the design, but there's no way I'll wear the shirt that I got -- except maybe once as part of a weird zombie-got-mauled-at-the-printing-factory costume (totally not why I ordered it). Again, love the design, but ... it's a "NO GO" because of the printing. Threadless support was very good; they fully explained the printing process, and after a few go-arounds have offered a refund.


Reiceved my shirt and the quality was unacceptably bad. The printing was so poor, that I cant wear this shirt outside the closet. Bad work. Printing errors was all around, so... AVOID ORDERING THIS PARTICULAR DESIGN!


Please reprint !!


The shirt print has SO MANY ERRORS, particularly around the collar and the arm pits. It's VERY noticeable and looks unacceptably shoddy. I bought this as a gift. I would be embarrassed to wear it myself, let alone give it to a friend. I've never had this problem with threadless before and it really is a shame, but I would this particular design if I were you.


Will someone upload a photo of the botched print/errors ? I like this shirt, but if it is really messed up I'm not ordering it. Will Threadless exchange if the printing is way off?


I bought this shirt last Christmas and mine is fine, always get compliments on it.

Not sure if you guys are being too anal or mine is one in a million


i've had this shirt for a few years now. it's true - the printing job on the seams is baaaad. however, maybe i'm a slob but it's been my favorite shirt for a few years now.


many errors. i just can't lift my arms

first time i'm disappointed by threadless

Paul Kruger

I just got this shirt today in the mail. Unsure If Im happy with it or if ill wear it. seems to be a funny shape. Dont thinl the print issues would worry me


I didn't expect the print issues to be a big deal. Was ready for "minor," but the printing imperfections on the shirt I got yesterday were significant. There are vast swatches of white around the neck and sleeves. It's definitely not minor. It doesn't seem worth returning, either.... I'm bummed, and will pay closer attention to any quality warnings from here on out.


I didn't expect the print issues to be a big deal. Was ready for "minor," but the printing imperfections on the shirt I got yesterday were significant. There are vast swatches of white around the neck and sleeves. It's definitely not minor. It doesn't seem worth returning, either.... I'm bummed, and will pay closer attention to any quality warnings from here on out.



People! This was the first shirt I ever ordered, and mine was very defective. If that happens to you, Threadless will absolutely allow to exchange it! Just use the pre-made return label they send you! They treated me like a princess. :) I love you, Threadless!


** allow you to

Yay for not proofreading. :p

Anyway, this is a lovely shirt. :)


I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I ordered it and just got it. It has several imperfections in the armpits, neck, and sleeves. I still love the design though and I was warned before buying it. I think I can live with the little details, and I feel that I am going to be environmentally responsible and not return it to avoid gas, packaging, energy wasted in this. I have uploaded pictures of the imperfections for new customers to see. I support the designer.


:) interesting work... i like ... & it`s very pity to read here about imperfections in print ...


:) btw... maybe it would interesting to make much more printing imperfections for get such background ... although then it would look absolutely in other way :)


I love the design and cut of this shirt, it looks super cute on. However along with random gaps in the pattern you should be prepared for it to dramatically shrink and fade in the first wash. The design gets fainter and fuzzier with every wash thereafter. It still looks ok for awhile, it gives it more of a vintage feel, but it wears out quick. It's a little disappointing, I've replaced it twice now. Threadless should use preshrunk cotton and higher quality dyes, Im pretty sure I'm not the only one who would pay a little extra for better quality.


I ordered this tank a good 2 weeks ago. The first time it arrived, it was an entirely different design. Not even a poorly printed design, just the totally incorrect design. So I emailed and Threadless was very nice about it and agreed to send me the tank top I rightfully deserve to have sent at no extra charge and I got to keep the other print. While the print isn't what I wanted, it's still nice. HOWEVER. I just received the "compensation" tank and it's the exact same incorrect design I just recently recieved. Still not The Sailor and the Sea Serpent. The difference this time? The packaging had melted slightly onto the shirt and it also looked very poorly packaged on top of that. I just emailed Threadless again and I hope I can get this straight. I assume it's the fault of the artist, not Threadless themselves, but regardless it's infuriating and ridiculous that I can't just get the design I paid for.

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