French Army Knife

  • by admrjcvch
  • posted May 19, 2011

French Army Knife

Watch this

Love it!


I was expecting a white flag to be one of the tools. I leave disappointed.


I actually have a French Army knife. It has two forks on it. Love the design!


I thought the same thing as firenze... it should be 5 white flags. Maybe a sign that says "but I am le tired"


Purchased. Finally. I remember making jokes about this shirt in college (many years ago)...


Message from a Frenchy ...

Really amazing picture. Do you think frenchies always drink wine ?

Like It !


Ordered this for my husband for his birthday and he wears it to work (a French Language software company) and to his french classes and everyone gets a kick out of it. Looks great and it's a funny idea! :)

BTW, TryallSoul, we don't think that's all they do but that's part of the humor. My husband's French professor was actually a little insulted when he first saw this cuz' he thought it was suggesting that the French are less superior at warfare. lol. Too deep! It's just for fun. :) We love the French.


lol, There should be a white flag on there too.

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