my latest project: bake your own delete cookies!

hi threadless. i haven't been around here much lately but thought a few of you might be interested in my latest project: delete, accept, and deny cookie stamps!

cookie stamps are exactly what you might guess from the name: stamps for decorating cookies. for my latest project, i designed stamps for making delete cookies, accept cookies, and deny cookies, and i'm selling them in my new etsy shop.

these chocolate-dipped delete cookies are especially tasty:

now if you'll excuse me, i'm way behind on voting...

Watch this

i actually came up with this idea while on threadless... i saw someone had submitted a design titled delete cookies and i immediately envisioned an illustration of a box of DELETE brand cookies. but when i looked at the actual design, it was nothing like that, so i though, "i should do something with that idea!"

before long, the idea grew from illustrating an imaginary cookie box to actually baking delete cookies myself, and the next thing i knew i was researching cookie stamps.

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