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Join now - Click on the Yelling Yeti and just post that you want in!

Prize eligibility is closed - all eligible members will be entered for a random drawing to win a 12"x18" foamcore print of History Revised with a sticker pack!

UPDATE! MORE PRIZES! Also be eligible to win a screenprinted American Apparel shirt from Ian's store

Plus Rolf has thrown in a Fossil Watch! Awesome!!!! You'll get to choose a color!

EVEN MORE PRIZES! publicnightmares has offered up some sweet Friendship Bracelets!

MORE!toyblockmusic has added an "I Heart Paste" shirt for all you arts and crafts paste eaters out there!

Join up! Recruit your friends! Tweet! Vote the subs! Get Moving!

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Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Fantastic idea! Thanks for donating such an awesome print! If anyone else offers prizes, I say we give them all away separately so there are lots of winners, and not just one person who gets tons of stuff.

Speaking of which, I'd be willing to throw in the winner's choice of any shirt from my shop (all hand-screened on American Apparel) as one of the prizes.

Resistance profile pic Alumni

Man, I really hope I win this


Ian - Definitely different winners for different stuff. I'll add your prize to the list - awesome!



Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm yelling

nasmo profile pic Alumni

This is pretty awesome of you guys.


FANTASTIC!! (I'm a Yelling Yeti!)


Bribery -HA! typical yeti madness


Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

I really love this idea. Thanks to those who have donated so far. Any other donations to the cause would be most appreciated too!


I think i speak for everyone that ever existed when I say I'd take prints, t-shirts, and fossil watches over marshmallow poo sandwiches any day of the week.


So does this mean that Braniel has offered to donate a smore for our prize pool? Thats very nice of him I suppose we should donate some Yeti hair possibly to reciprocate?


That kinda makes no sense.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Here's a better image you can use showing the variety of shirt designs that the winner will be able to choose from:


You have until midnight tonight EST to join and still be eligible for prizes! Go Yelling Yeti!



ir0cko profile pic Alumni

dang, i like that blue watch.

too bad i'm already a SMORE!


You have about 6 hours left.


but how do I win the Doctor Who shirt? I've already joined up.


Prizes will be given to randomly drawn members of Yelling Yeti at the end of camp. Only eligible if you joined before Midnight Wednesday May 18th. Prizes are privately sponsored by camp participants and do not reflect the views of Threadless, Skinnycorp, or their affiliates. Batteries not Included.


We might not have excelled at the games but we'll still have some winners!

Drawing to be done over the weekend. Hang tight!


Did you guys do the drawing yet?

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni


Though we may not have won the challenges last week, the YETIS still made a strong showing and our ferocious YELL struck fear into the hearts of all of the other campers. Thanks to everyone who signed up, and especially to those who participated in the daily challenges!

Before we pass out the prizes for last week's membership drive, I'd like to recognize two campers who went above and beyond in their efforts to help the YELLING YETIS during Camp week.

For his tremendous efforts in promoting and publicizing the Yeti cabin, I'd like to award craquehaus the special Don King Kong award.

During the submission challenge, the entire Yeti cabin submitted 29 designs. 7 of those were by Resistance, who in recognition of his supreme effort shall be given the title of Robo Artist Extreme.


These will be awarded in the order that they were donated: 1. "History Revised" print from Craquhaus 2. Winner's choice of any item in my shop 3. Fossil watch from martiandrivein 4. Friendship bracelet from publicnightmares 5. "I Heart Paste" shirt from toyblockmusic

Since we had 89 non-staff members, I'll use to choose 5 random numbers between 1 - 89. Whichever camper the number corresponds to wins that prize!


woahhhh! coool, guys!

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

WINNER #5 wins an "I Heart Paste" shirt from toyblockmusic saaaaays: #11

11 is ChChChChie

Congratulations! Contact toyblockmusic for directions on how to claim your prize!

ALL WINNERS: You have 48 hours to claim your prizes! If you have not contacted the prize donor by noon EDT on Thursday, a second drawing will be held to pick new winners.

Thanks again to everyone who joined YELLING YETI and participated in the challenges!

reags profile pic Alumni

good on you guys for taking this initiative - very cool effort boys!


Don King Kong Award! I'm honored!

nine_c ! You can contact me at craquemike at craquehaus dot com.

congrats to all the prize winners, thanks so much to everyone who was awesome enough to submit designs & offer up prizes, next year, we will all be better prepared for camp... and

congrats to all the prize winners, thanks so much to everyone who was awesome enough to submit designs & offer up prizes, next year, we will all be better prepared for camp... and next year


Thanks for the rockin' good time! See all you campers next year.

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