Is anyone else excited about Ocean's 13?!

Ocean's 13! It's coming out! Soon! I think in October! Now, reasons to see it:
1. (Boys) - Catherine Zeta Jones
2. (Girls) -Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon
3. Awesome Soundtrack
4. The End-of-Movie Twist for which you have to see the movie over again
5. The general greatness of the whole movie
6. If you're the first to get the twist, you can feel smarter than your friends (who probably don't watch heist movies)
7. Annoy the people behind you in the movie theatre
8. Stand up during the credits and advertise Threadless - if you have an accoutn, get hella street team points by shouting out your link
8. Julia Roberts is Amazing
9. Because you were told to on a blog on Threadless!!!
10. Correction - go see Ocean's 13. NOW you've been told to on a blog on Threadless.

Watch this


the previous 2 suckt


Ah, noooo, the first one was AMAZING. But then the second one sucked. It's true what they say about sequels...


Are they really making one? I know they were considering it, but i didn't know it was for sure. I hope it's better than the 2nd one, that one let me down significantly...Ocean's 11 was awesome though.


i havent seen any of them.


none of them have appealed to no.

They Call Me Special K

im pumped, but i dont think anyone needs to watch them twice to understand them. the twists are quite lowbrow. its fun to watch, not a thinkpiece.

Larlar profile pic Alumni

I liked the first one quite a bit.
I disliked the second one quite a bit.
I can only imagine the third one being worse than the second.

Gabe the Firefly

Screw all you doubters! And, I'm aware of that They Call Me Special K, but the first one took a little figuring out (the SWAT team part). And they were amazing! How could ANYONE not like the first one? Good lord, people!


I loved that, in the first one, when Brad Pitt is listing all those people they're gonna need for the job or w/e, while they're looking at the blueprints, he lists all fictional things. Like, the "biggest Elle Fitzgerald ever" and so on. Class.


I hope they get more techy this time and more Ocean's 11 than Ocean's 12.

Gabe the Firefly

Looks like someone needs some Ocean's 13 to staisfy those Brad Pitt cravings, marlomarizza! ( And - I wouldn't really know - I' a dude. But whatever.)


lolz. Yeah. I agree. The first one was really smart, I thought. Maybe it's just overused?

Larlar profile pic Alumni

I just thought it was pretty funny how Brad Pitt was eating something in like every scene in the first movie.

Ronin60 profile pic Alumni

I agree with lunaris, the first was one of my favorite films whilst the second was horrible; especially when Julia Roberts pretends to herself.

I did manage to catch a few sneaky peaks at the set when I was at WB and it looks pretty swish.


the 2nd was such a crap and the 1st wasn't better then the original.


I know i will, only because George Clooney is so dreamy!!

d3d profile pic Alumni

i'll watch it. i enjoyed the first one and watched the 2nd. the 2nd was pretty awful but pretty at least and the music was cool.

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

2nd was terrible... don't know why there are bothering with the 3rd... just smells of cashing in

Gabe the Firefly

Um... The second one was worse, but it was hardly awful. You guys suck.


the 2nd was much worse. I didn't like it.

But the first one rocked and i really loved the soundtrack. It was fuckin sweet.


i dont know why theres all this hate
the first one was awesome and the second one wasnt that bad. so hopefully Ocean's 13 will be great!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

How to Ruin a Great Movie 101

1. Make a sequel
2. Make another sequel
3. Make the audience expect a twist in the end
4. Have a twist in the end that was expected by the audience


i like the first a lot, i and i thought the second was good too. got a lot of bad rap. ill definitely see the enxt one, why not


yeah, sequels always have a bad reputation


and also, catherine zeta-jones and julia roberts probably wont be in the last movie

Gabe the Firefly

Thank you WallsReallyWork! Thank you lsmc88! you made my day!

PS - It's Ocean's 13, so Julia and Catherine have to be in it, unless they get three new people...


I liked all three of them. I have no idea what the people above me are talking about.

Also, I noticed your picture. I too like Hayao Miyazaki. Not to be creepy or anything.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

I want to know how the hell you possibly came upon a blog that was 1,754 days old. ANSWER ME NOW.


Who the fuck.

the czar

Some old familiar faces in this blog

nasmo profile pic Alumni

So you guys psyched for National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets?

Resistance profile pic Alumni


tracerbullet on Jun 27 '11 at 8:43pm I want to know how the hell you possibly came upon a blog that was 1,754 days old. ANSWER ME NOW.

Chipmnk on Jun 27 '11 at 8:49pm

Who the fuck.



kayceislost on Sep 01 '06 at 10:51pm i havent seen any of them.



Me neither. And I dun give no shits.


there are only 4 oceans :|


2. (Girls) -Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon

these are all men.


You don't know that. Unless you've checked under their skirts.


i've watched their movies, none of them talk about having periods.

Man, this guy's probably a junior in college. I bet he still sucks at making lists.

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