Teenage Mutant Ninja Troopas

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From the depths of the sewers, they rise from the pipes...


I like it! Let's see it on a white shirt. Check your color count unless you plan on doing process color.


Submit it!!!


Wow! You're right, sebiah, I may have to change one of the shells to the common green. Good eye!


Yee it's cool!. Try changing outlines to dark grey... Ready for sub tho :)

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very cute and fun. Love the whole goggle/masks. I like it on the "charcoal" color with black outlining. It's very fun. I like that it shows action. The whole lego-lining adds to their marching. Other than if there are any color tweakings, submit it!


Thanks for the positivity & advice, guys! I'm almost ready to submit.


it is a great idea. sebiah is right, the colors count would be a problem. How about color only at the masks?


Are you suggesting that everything else be b&w or grayscale? I'll check it out, see how it looks. Thanks for the input.


I think the color is what makes it look awesome! (other than the concept of course) I say, since the masks are the most important for this design to work, keep them the same. But the turtles themselves are important too, so keep them in color too. Just try making the shells the same color (maybe green or what ever looks good) with the criss-crossed lines on them the same color as something else (what ever looks good to you).


Thanks MrsFang. That's just what I ended up doing (shells). Off to races, now!


Great design idea! I agree that once the Koopas are all the same colour it'll be ready to submit.


this is cute

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