Life in Color

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Matt Glickson

A design about music that doesn't feature headphones.


I like it a lot, the colour theme is a bit heavy on pinks and purples, though. dunno how that would affect voting but it's something to think on. O_o;;

Viridian Space

I like it, the things that stick out for me are how the circles hit the shoulder and then get cut off... Id think either shoulder print or rearrange or fade out. Also, the pink feet dont look natural... too squared?

Keep on it, promising design.


I like it and I can't see anything that needs work.


Ooo..that's really colorful. The 3 pinks corner at the bottom doesn't look in place to me.

Dan Lu


I love the color scheme and the drawing, I'm not sure about the placement, maybe have it smaller and not cut off at the side and make the circle go all the way to the sleeve? (It's an over sized so I think you can go over the sleeve)

comment if you can spot The Imposter. thanks.

Matt Glickson

The new version has the design flowing onto the shoulder. It also continues a bit onto the back. Placement of the circles is just for demonstration of layout, I'll fix overlaying circles in the final version.


Interesting idea. The first thing that comes to my mind is having the disk colors in a circular manner since the disk is going round and round. I like the box :P I would take off the little red legs of the box though, because it drives my attention to them(being a strong color) instead of letting me look at the dots.

Another thing that I guess would be of impact would be fliping the design so that the dots are on the other sleeve because people are used to "read" photos, pictures and almost everything from left to right.

I would be more than greatful if you would share your ideas on my other design too: Just five more days please



I agree with mirona on having the disc colors showing movement.


I totally agree with @mirona_palcu, in everything.

I would also like to ask, how many colors are you using? Because you can only use 8. And about the colors, I think there's a need for hierarchy.. maybe you could make the player less saturated or with less colors, so the circles pop.

I really like your idea! Thanks for the comment in mine :)


If the eight-colour thing is a problem, I prefer the ones on the sleeve. I'm probably alone on that one! I think this could be a cool summery tee.

Please comment on Lonely Vinyl!


Very cool, the movement on the disk would add something to it though.

Matt Glickson

In version 3, the colors are all slightly adjusted to relate better with each other. The design now spills onto the back slightly, so when worn it will not simply be cut off anywhere. On the left side, the color dots spread down and left in a smooth curve onto the back side. The design is also slightly smaller showing more of its base on the bottom right.



Looking at it, I want the dots to continue onto the sleeve.


nice colors. a very wonka color scheme. i appreciate the lack of headphones!


I agree, dots on sleeve

Ru Chery

wow great design!!! I really like the illustration as well as the choice of colors. Be careful though about the amount of colors you use in your design. I know that you are well aware of the 8 color limit from threadless, but I just wanted to remind you anyway. Overall great work and I also agree with having the dots on the sleeve. Try it out and see if you like it.

P.S I could really use your help. My design is up for voting and I am trying to get as many comments and votes as I can before it is too late. Please comment on my design and vote if you can. Again I thank you so much for your help.


Thanks for the comments you let me! I would really go with he dots on the sleeve but there might me a little problem with that, and I guess you thought of it too since you took out the dots from there. It's the fact that there will be the stitch of the sleeve that will make those dots break in time because of wearing. Keep on the good job!


pretty good job. love the colors!


nice concept, really cool idea bout not using headphones thing, its too common nowadays, just an idea, because music is something that really spreads out throughout the room how about trying to spread it a bit more, and not too organized.

hope you have time to look at my new versions Fail to Prepare

and life is a gift

and kiss from a rose


Always liking the gramaphone look, and although I really liked the version with the dots on the sleeves, this is good too, if you get rid/move the dots on the top left to make the outer edge of the dot field curve under the arm. But if the outer sonic edge is curved, then keep it. Also like the new color of the feet (orange instead of red).


I like the idea of the design continuing on the back, but now the sleeve looks kinda wird, maybe you can try it both?

Also the colors look better coordinated now :)

The only thing I can add is that I would like to see the final distribution of the dots, I think this is about ready when it comes to concept so you just need to start making the desing perfect! :)

Would you take another look on mine? I'm about to finish! yei! =D Thanks!


Thats pretty cool... nice summery colours... might look nice on a cream tshirt too ...... was wondering - what does the design look in the centre of the tshirt.... it looks cool as it is... but how does it look the other way? Btw im REALLY stuck on making a decision on my design... could you please help me before I submit it into the running? NINJA SKUNK Would be much appreciated :)

Matt Glickson

New version, changes are in placement of bubbles on the shirt. The current version has the bubbles enveloping the sleeve, and keeping their warm color scheme. Although this looks a bit odd on the flattened shirt, it looks beautiful and interesting when actually worn, as seen on the model. What do you all think?

*I know the bubbles don't match on the shirt and model, they will be finalized once a placement is settled upon.

Matt Glickson

Something important to notice- even though the bubbles continue to the sleeve, they don't get huge and tacky like in V2.


The overall design looks cool. Maybe adding textures to the artwork may make it more interesting. I think a lighter color would look nicer. Check out my 2 designs shower of stars and head in the clouds

Matt Glickson

The bubbles a re somewhat erratic, but currently their borders fall into a spectrum shape that comes out of the gramophone, to make everything more pleasing.


I really like that you went back to the bubbles on the sleeve. Yay! The only things I might play with is the size of the bubbles. I love how they get bigger but I would make them slightly smaller at the end. It's really pretty:)

Can you help me with mine?

Mr Vela

Colors are nice, vectors too but you must choice (i think the v4) because simulated process+belt print or oversized print don't work togheter.

Mr Vela

sorry i whant say v3 is more little and it's ok for simulated process.

Matt Glickson

The layout of the design received a major overhaul.

The overall size is smaller so almost all the design can easily appear on the front, including the bubbles. They don't just trail until the edge of the shirt now, they meet at a clean curve. Also, this way the shirt doesn't need oversize, so it can use simulated print.


Cool! I love this, but i prefer version number 4 :)


It's really funky! Like it a lot but I am think I'd agree with kamikyu - Version 2 or version 4. The way the "music balls" end before the edge doesn't seem to be working. Also, an idea for version 2 or 4 - I think you could consider a female model. It somehow strikes me as more girly(no offense intended).

Good call on the blood in different colour on mine! I am now thinking maybe make it a spit, tone it down a little...;) Good luck!


I really like versions 2 and 4... maybe you could try another version with colors only in the "music bubbles" and the inside of the cone of the record player while the rest remains in grayscale...


I like the smaller size but also like the bubbles going to the end of the shirt.

Can you chekout my Noir design: Spider Noir


I love this design! I would defs wear this. Version 4 is my favourite though : )

commodore schmidlapp

i like the size of V5 the best, but then i'd like to see the bubbles gradually dissipate into the edge of the shirt. very cool/clean design!

thanks for you comment on mine. i have another version up if you want to take a look... F#%$*n' A!

Matt Glickson

A lot of people seem to like V2 and V4. Unfortunately, those versions aren't printable.

Those versions would use oversize printing to reach the sleeves, but oversize printing can only have 5 colors, whereas this uses simulated process to attain many colors.

Matt Glickson

This combines the best elements of all the versions. First off, unlike some previous versions, it can actually be printed. Next, it features a larger area of bubbles that cross onto the back off the shirt, along with the gramophone. The bubbles don't get too large like in V2, and their border is somewhat organized for a more pleasing look. Thoughts?


I like this version a lot. I don't think it was necessary to have it going all over the shoulder.

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