Just as a head's up

I have not forgotten about any of you, though it may seem so.

I have been slacking horribly and there is no excuse for that, but I want you know that I miss you all dearly and I hope everyone is well. I have a million stories to tell and cannot wait to hear all of yours.

Graduation is soon (hopefully) and I am planning on joining you guys again once the hustle and bustle has settled a bit.

Again, I love and miss you all and wish all the best for every one of you.

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The rumors are not true! I'm not dead, a spy, nor in prison!

:) Hi Alvin. I've missed your face quite a bit


Dang. I had prison in the office pool.




I've missed you too. How are you? How have you been? And hurray, graduation!


DeeAnn, don't give up yet, I'm still young and have a shiny record just waitin' to get dirty ;) How are you my love?!

I've been decent, Alvin. A little here, and a little there, and somedays, a little nowhere at all. It's been good, and bad, and better and worse, but such is life and it all is how it is no matter which way. Yes, graduation! I'm currently pulling an all nighter for my senior paper in order to achieve that goal, haha. How 'bout yourself? Where are you now? I believe the last I spoke with you, you were in the process of moving a bit. How are things?


I'm not bad. Just got back from California a week ago. Remembering how lame Tennessee is. Hoping to move away soon, and maybe use subjects in my sentences.


Hmm, yeah, that's life.

I've been about the same. I'm in San Diego right now. Not really enjoying anything about my living or financial situations.

I'm an intern at an SEO/Internet marketing company. The people are great, but I really hate the work and never thought it would be so soul crushing.

But it has encouraged me to write more. So.


Mattydev! Nichole! Herro :) How are you dearies!?

Alvin, I think it takes a lot for people to enjoy their financial situations :) but I know it is tough to get by, especially right out of school. I am sorry to hear that you're not enjoying your living situation, though. That is truly difficult. I hope it's nothing too bad and you're not sleeping on the bottom bunk of a highly flatulent man who makes you sleep with his cat who enjoys licking toes throughout the night. I'm also sorry to hear of your internship. At least you enjoy the people, that is important. I'm lucky to have a job where I generally enjoy both, yet despise the pay and general political sentiments. Writing is always good, especially when it's more. Especially when it's you. :)


Well, I'm sharing a room with my brother and dog. A very tiny room. There isn't really any privacy and I don't have any personal space.

Where are you working?


Oh. That isn't much better than the arrangement I hoped you were not in. Do you get space to play your music, at least? I know you like to play in privacy (did not mean to sound sexual...or maybe...I dunno). Is it at least a nice dog? I believe I recall you not getting along well with your brother...? I'm sorry to hear that.

I am still working at the racetrack where I've been for 4 years now. I'm actually writing my senior paper on the racetrack, so I'm starting to resent it even more since work was an escape from school, and vice versa and it's a bummer when they overlap a great deal. There is talk of moving to VA after graduation, though. And from there, who knows where I will work. I wouldn't mind being a barn hand for awhile. Though I will (presumably) have a a bachelors, I'd much rather do blue collar work.





I have zero space and I haven't picked up my guitar or ukulele in weeks.

I get along with my brother well enough. It's just that i don't like lying for him, especially to my parents, which is hard considering I know pretty much everything that goes on with him.

The dog is nice though. She has her bratty moments, but for the most part, she;s quite lovable.


I'd much rather do something involving people. Working in an office isn't very fun.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

hey, boo


Not playing is no good, having no space is also no good. At least the dog is decent. Pets can be a real shame when they're unbearable (we used to have a grouchy pit bull). Lying to parents would be difficult, I would imagine. My family is very open, so I've never been in that situation, but I can't imagine it's a good one to be in. It's nice of you to do that for your brother, though. You're a sweet dude. On the subject of working, people can suck sometimes. I like my job because I work with people and animals and so I don't get sick of either too quickly, though my bosses and I have been having tiffs lately (our vet practice is my two bosses, our secretary, two relief vets whom I rarely see, one other dude who kinda helps sometimes, and myself, and I am the only one who is in contact with everyone at all times). I can't imagine an office job. I get to fill out some papers sometimes, which is kinda fun because they are important papers and I have better hand writing than my bosses, but our secretary doesn't like her job, and I don't blame her.

Heyyyyyyy Ryan


Oh wow. Didn't realize I thought that much.

Steve The Great




Yeah, I just want out of this whole situation and want to find some sort of security for myself.

My office job is pretty isolated. I've been working in the break room because they haven't had a desk for me.

That must be sweet though, working with cool people and cool animals.


Oh Steeb, I did nothing of the sort. How are ya, mah man? (I am in no way implying possession, simply indicating an alliance) (also also, I can't get out of fancy talk 'cause I'm trying to write my paper and I want it to sound like it went to school for a brief amount of time)

That's not too much to ask for, Alvin, and I don't blame you. Not knowing, I think, is almost harder than knowing bad stuffs. That's pretty lame about not having a desk. They gave the empty desk at my office to the new relief vet who works one day a week every other week and has only been there a year. The break room must be obnoxious as anything though, what with people coming and going all the time.

I never said I worked with cool people or cool animals ;)


Yeah, and it's just isolated from everyone else so I don't really feel like I'm a part of things.

Though today, my supervisor told me one of the other writers left so I could take his desk.


That's great! You get your very own desk! That should help make you feel a little bit more in the loop. Last semester, I lived with some girls I knew, but wasn't really friends with (they were lovely, we just had our own established and separate friend groups) and they were all very close and I was not and had my storage space somewhat away from theirs. I tried to fix the feeling of isolation by making us all CD name signs to go on the wall on the staircase, but it didn't work (really though, it was a ploy to remind them that I also lived there and needed room for my food as well in the refrigerator)


^_______^ oh dear goodness this keeps getting bettttteerrrr



Oh man, I want a CD name sign~


Oh, also, using tildes is a new thing of mine. No one notices but it's okay because I notice so it's like a little personal secret.

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howdy doody


Oh, that can't be Randy and Mikeasaurus!

Also, tildes are fun. I especially like their name...I don't know what they do though...


I don't really know either. I just use them as a trail off that sort of floats up into the air, instead of ellipses, which just kind of land flat.


I guess it does end the sentence in a fashion resembling looking to the clouds rather than looking at one's shoelaces. I dig it.


I dig you.


I have no idea how to work the blogs anymore :((( I don't know what's going on but I miss you guys whole heatedly. I check my Email all the time sarahcwarrenATgmailDOTcom. Pleazzz hit me up. My life has been horribly chaotic since I pushed threadless out of my life xoxoxo sarahmoose

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