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When you're in a store and there's an opened bag of candy... you have any of it? For some reason, just about every time I'm in a store like Costco, Superstore, or Wal-Mart (which, admittedly, is not very often), I find evidence that some customer just couldn't resist an unauthorized free sample of some sort of candy. What do you do when you come across this kind of thing?

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I probably wouldn't eat any because someone could put poison or pubes in there


Yeah, that's always a possibility. But if it's wrapped?

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What? If it's wrapped it's fine.

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You don't buy or use opened goods, dude.

The safety seals are there because of the Tylenol killings in the 80s.

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I randomly open candy and pee inside the bag. Hoping some greedy little fat kid will eat my urine stained candy.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

I sometimes grab a candy bar or a 20oz soda and eat/drink it while im shopping, finish it before i get to the register, and dont pay for it.

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that's called "grazing"

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I'm here to entertain as well as inform

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lol grazing


xiv, you ARE joking, right? right?

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