The Nightly Trek

  • by Cruzdroid
  • posted Feb 25, 2011

Watch this

Initial drawing before the scanning and illustrating.rnrnI have already scanned it and I'm almost done doing the lines for the design. rnrnThe design is about two people who go on a nightly adventure.


So far the linework is almost done. I'm thinking about what other elements I can play with.

What do you guys think of the composition?

Do you guys think the owls work? Or should I make things a little more mystical?


cool! Creative and would look great on a tee. 5$ once its up.

pijaczaj profile pic Alumni

well i mean this idea is cool, but well there are 7 billion people in the world and they don't sleep you know, so sorry but

link text


link text

Of course you can submit it. And I think your style is really good. But next time try to use "search keywords" on scoring page, or just google image.


what happened to the purple?

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