Have an ok day!*

I'd like to wish you the best, but I can't guarantee anything.

Watch this

I'd like to wish you the best, but I can't guarantee anything.


I think I hear crickets....


Haha That's really different.


this is loverly!


"details inside." I like that one. :)


i like the idea, but you'll need to do some serious typography before this has any chance :/


special-delivery, I'm not avoiding "serious typography" -- this just felt like the appropriate font, layout, and style. I'm guessing that's why this is doing so bad? People are looking for something a bit more artistic?


FA, yes, obviously inspired by ""happy fun ball"

Binxent profile pic Alumni

very nice i like it!


ah. to me it seems some of the text could be changed to be funnier- but if this is based on an snl skit i've never seen it's probably just over my head. and i really like the idea. it's something different, sometimes threadless needs a breath of fresh air. and great layout. hmm yeah i've decided to pull out a 5 good luck


Thanks schoog. You're not missing any inside joke beyond the very last statement. The humor is meant to be pretty subtle as you try to apply these generic warnings to a "day".

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