So disappointed...

  • by the czar
  • posted Aug 25, 2006

Well, I got this in the mail today. I was very excited about this design, really the first one I have voted $5 for that got printed. I didn't like the choices they made for the color, but I bought it anyway, hoping for the best. Not a good choice... you can not see this design for shit on the dark blue. All the shadow work, grass, etc is totally lost. I can't understand the choice they made. I wonder if it got reprinted, if they would go with the other color scheme. Sorry to bitch, was wondering if any other buyers felt this way, and if someone can explain to me who makes the final choices for the colors on designs where there are several options.

Watch this

funny, i bought jublin's bear hug adn worried about the same things and since i've worn it today for the first time, my feelings have changed. in this case, it worked since it's a teddy bear; teddy bears and kids go together at night, so it should be dark.
perhaps your t should have been called water tower at midnight?

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Shit happens, man. Shit happens.

the czar

Yeah , shit happens. I knew I took a chance buying this, but when someone in the blogs questioned the darkness, the guy in the photo (joe?) said that in person it wasn't that bad. Oh well, really just disappointed because I liked this so much.

Kaloyster, did you get the STPs I sent you last week?

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Yep, thanks much man!


aw man... tell me im not going to be disappointed.... i honestly don't want to have to send it back.


That sucks, Paul. I really liked the design, but wasn't impressed by the colour choice. I wanted to wait for a bunch of gallery pictures before making a purchase decision. :(


eh i don't care i suppose.

I paid $2 for a total of 5 shirts.

the czar

I only paid like $7 for this, so I guess I shouldn't be too mad. I just don't like to wait on purhasing a shirt I like because they sell out so freakin' fast.


I loved this design.
I got mine in the mail like 5 minutes ago.

To say the least, I'm a little dissapointed.
The dark parts are too dark.


Isn't it supposed to be dark? I wouldn't wear it but the design is cooler than a mother funk.

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I'm mostly disappointed in the placement. Apparently I didn't look at the product pic and didn't realize it was a bottom placement. I'm not a big fan of bottom placements :-\ Oh well.


I've missed the whole point of this design.


you could actually tell what it was in the lighter prints too


I got this today and it's absolutely terrible. You can't see what's going on in the print at all, as and of the shadow portions of the design are completely and utterly lost in the darkness of the shirt. Not at all worth full price. Even at $10 I feel pretty cheated.


return it then


i have hope however that after a few washes the design will popout


that is too bad as this was really a beautiful design


"return it then"

That's what I'm doing, which is a first. I've gotten a bunch of shirts from here and I've loved them all; this is the first I've been really disappointed in.

It just makes me sad, because this design was just plain excellent and I was really looking forward to getting it. Let us know if the design pops out for you after a wash or two. I can't even see the shading bits on mine unless I turn the shirt sideways in the light.


will do.

you should have threadless credit you the return shipping costs as well.

since they kinda/sorta fucked this one up.


this was my first purchase from threadless.. I was pretty exited. it was a gift for my bf.. but now i am thinking i may have to return it as well. Since the shirt is not damaged, i am not sure they will cover the return shipping cost. Oh well i hope he finds something nice soon, with the credit i will get for this shirt.

i had a did you guys only pay 2 bucks.. 7 bucks for the shirt? is this when it first comes out or when you vote? sorry if this is hte wrong place to ask.


They got it cheaper by using their streetpoints.

I just got mine in the mail today. I really liked the design and placement, but when I looked at the printing you could bearly see the design. I'm disappointed, but oh well. It's still a nice design, just wish it was more visible. Hopefully with washes, the design will pop out.


it popped out =)

3 washes

the czar

Good news Ryan! Will run through the machine a couple of more times. Thanks


not problemo

wash it was towels

but be sure the shirt is inside out.


I hope this works with everyone's shirt. Please take pictures of the final product. If it looks good, I may end up getting it. I wanted to see some gallery photos before I made up my mind, but the design isn't very clear in them.

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Personally I like this version but after seeing everyone's comments if it's reprinted it wont happen in this color scheme again. We originally received the black version which did not contain any of the trees and a few other small details... you can see that here

If you're not happy with it you're more than welcome to return it for something else. I don't know what CS will say about the shipping charges though.


product fotos will be taken this weekend, im working on getting my camera back.

the czar

Shimala, don't know if you'll see this... I bought this knowing that I might not like it, so I feel no need to return it. Hopefully the design will come out more after more washes as Ryan stated. Still think it's an awesome design, will vote for the reprint in the other colors and buy that if it gets chosen. Sorry for being a negatron, just really wanted to rock this.


thats the exact reason y i didn't get it

Allison Claire

I bought this shirt and was very excited for it but sooooo disappointed to see that the shadow washed out half of the design (as others have mentioned above). It's been washed many times now and still it looks the same. Love the design, really don't like the colour choice. In the original submission the artist was definitely on the ball with the colour scheme (tan, orangish colours), too bad it didn't get printed that way.


EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT TOO. The colour looks like it used to be white but became blue after a few washes. And the black cannot be seen it all. It's terrible.



Ps although I still really love the shirt.

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