do you want a cup of tea?

Watch this

please, help me improve this!rnthanks!!


wow, that's cute! i like it!! what's wrong with that? why do you need to improve it? i wouldn't know how to help you, maybe change background? dunno, anyway, i like it


This design is great go ahead and submit it.

Check mine out when you get a chance WHOOPIE!! Pies


hi! thanks for commenting & voting for my design

i like this idea but i think it needs more work.. the background looks abit plastered i think, like you just put it there.. it doesn't really look like anything. i would like it better if instead of it being flat it had more body, as if it was a tablecloth in which the teacups are put in (or something like that). it works very well like that for the thermo though, it's just the shirt in which it looks a bit forced.

mm i think that's all! i like the teacups too, they're really cute!


they declined mine too! it needed more work and this is why I put it here. Now I'm really curious about your thermos submission 'cause I love your stuff!

And thanks inechi! Your comment is really detailed and helpful!!


you're welcome! i'm glad you found it helpful : )


you could maybe try the whole shirt having the stripe pattern and have the tea cups ingrained into the pattern. Like opposite colors so that any of the cups that are in the white are blue etc..

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